Making Kitchen Drawer Organization

I have finally gotten around to making organizers for three of our kitchen drawers. In one of the lower drawers, we keep all of our flat things like cookie sheets, cutting boards, and pizza pans. They were just sitting in the drawer and we had to dig through the pile anytime we wanted to use anything. I built a storage system the holds the items separate and vertically. I also built divided boxes for two of the top drawers on either side of the stove. One is for our silverware and the other is for our cooking utensils.

Some of the tools used in this project


Cantilever Clamps:
Milwaukee 18-volt Compact Drill:
Router Bit 1/4-Inch Down Cut:
Oshlun 8-1/2-Inch Negative Hook Finishing ATB Saw Blade :
Freud 8-1/2-Inch Saw Blade ://
FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle:
3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff:
3M Reusable Respirator:
3M Particulate Filter P100:
NIKLE 23 GAUGE Pin Nailer:
Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Gauge:

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  1. 2:12 I think there are 2 easy solutions for this that work extremely well for me.
    1) Draw a safe place in CAD to predrill/locate a place to screw through the handle cutouts. Run a GCode drill operation with a pause programmed in it or run 2 separate GCode files. Let the CNC machine mark where it would be safe to drive a screw through the handle cutoffs.

    2) A bit more run time, but just run a pocket operation that eats away all of the handle, leaving no material to fly across the shop.

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