Wooden rocking Swing «whale. Rocking & Spring Toys. Ride On & Rocking Toys

Wooden rocking Swing «whale.» Material plywood. Dimensions assembled: Height 50cm. Width 39cm. The length 69sm.

Wooden rocking 100% handmade.
It is a great gift for your children, Unique, hand Crafted, safe and children Friendly. Swing of our production will be faithful friends to children during their childhood from 2 to 6years. Swing toys help develop a child’s sense of balance, imagination, fantasy.

This whale is made by the best masters with all the features: it is solid and will not fall apart when you play, rounded edges.

Polished and coated with beeswax to protect wood from moisture and dust. As you know, wax is children safe product and there is no danger from poisoning or allergy.
We recommend not to leave children under 2 years of age for safety reasons, but you can be sure that even if the child wants to climb to the whale, it is not will break and fall apart.

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