Making a Toy Tractor

How I made a toy Tractor inspired by the Porsche-Diesel Super Tractor. I like this design as it can be abstracted to a very simple form; a body, a rear axel, and four wheels. I start by making the body from a pattern I drew, this is made from a piece of cherry wood I salvaged from an urban tree. I joint and plane this piece on my old Porter jointer and Powermatic 180 planer. I cut out the shape for the body first on a Powermatic 141 band saw than a Powermatic 95 scroll saw for the finer work. Then I sand everything first with a Max 24 inch disc sander then a Mead 1 inch belt sander. I made the wheels by first cutting up a piece of walnut I also salvaged from an urban tree. I cut this on my 36 inch J. A. Fay & Egan Co. Band saw, with 1 inch wide blade. i love this saw more every time I use it.
I made the two big wheels in a set of 4 and the two smaller wheels in a set of 2. I turn the axel housing and cut a flat spot in it where it can be glued to the body of the tractor. The wood for the axels I salvaged from an old crib I had taken apart, they are 5/8 inches in diameter. The finish I use is a mix of linseed oil and beeswax. This is very safe and has a nice flat finish. when the glue had dried the kids get a chance to play.

I have posted the shape image here:

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I printed it 8 inches long. The body width is 1-1/4″. The width between the rear wheels is 3-5/8″. The rear wheels are 4″ in diameter and the front wheels are 2-5/8″ in diameter.

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  1. Great toy. Only dissadvantage, too many tools used that i dont have and that dont fit into my home 🙂 And very much wood lost in process of building. Its just something i noticed, not a critic. There probably isnt a way to do it without material loss unless one buys precise dimensions for each part. I wonder if i could do something like it with a say dremel or an oscillating saw. I wanted to try creating some wooden toys but just dont have the tools for it. Would you recommend one to start with that will do "most" work?

  2. great job!!! i just found your channel a few days ago and i can't stop watching. i've always wanted to do wood working like that and other things. i've always wanted to build a boat too, just a simple one to row around on the lake…
    this tractor did you think about maybe making a mount on the front where you could tie a string and the kids could pull it around ??

  3. Thanks for doing these videos, they are fun to watch.

    I know very little about finishes, partly because I avoid using a brush as much as possible. But I see a lot of people wiping on a finish. What do you use? It obviously needs to be safe for kids. Thanks for your help, and again thanks for your videos.

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