woodturning a yo-yo

I start by cutting out 8 equilateral right triangles, four of cherry and four of purple heart. I glue the triangles into two sets of four, making two squares. Then I drill a hole in the center of each square at the intersection point of the two wood types. This hole does not go all the way through and will receive the screw on the crew chuck. I cut each square into a circle, to get ready to turn it on the lathe. I would turn each half of the yo-yo on the lathe into a yo-yo shape, with a mass of 38 grams each. I make the axle to fit the hole on each half of the yo-yo that I drilled earlier for the screw chuck. I set the two halves the thickness of ten playing cards apart, to make the proper space for the string. I Add the string by knotting the end of the string and unraveling a bit of it just up from the knot and slipping the axle between the string strands. I finish it with a beeswax linseed oil mix. Everything goes together and works great.

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  1. Good morning I want to ask thank you very much for taking your videos to explain and teach people to lose their fear of trying to make objects never imagined able to do . Thank you for taking the have us … I am Brazilian and always watch your work .

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