Kitchen Remodel: Part 1.5 — Storage Cart for Stove

I felt the need to build a movable cart or dolly for our new stove, as we would not be ready to install the stove upon delivery. The cart is similar to other carts I have built, made from 4 pieces of 2×4 attached to form a rectangle. In building the cart I hold the 4 pieces together with screws, then drill holes for bolts to hold the caster on. These bolts both hold the casters in place and hold the frame of the cart together. In the end I found the stove came with wheels and the cart was unnecessary.

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  1. Listened for the first time to one of your videos with some high quality headphones… was absolutely stunned by the level of effort and detail in the sound effects, at 3:40 especially. Phenomenal.

  2. I always over think things.  I recently read a book called the "Innovators Hypothesis" that talks about the importance of risk management with experimentation. The basic concept is that most ideas are terrible so you need to be able to test them quickly and inexpensively.  The stove cart idea wasn't so good, but the time and expense you had in the project was minimal.  You had an idea.  You tested it.  It didn't pan out.  You you aren't out much.  Now on to the next project!

  3. Frank, I really enjoy your videos. Even if it is a project I have no need for or desire to build, I enjoy watching the video for the creative solutions you use to navigate potentials hurdles and overall video production. Keep it up buddy.

  4. That cart you made will no doubt roll much better on rougher surfaces than those small radius stove wheels. So i guess not all is lost. I also need to get or make one of those mover harnesses. It may make moving friends a bit less of a pain in the ass.

  5. Frank I wish I had you to re do our kitchen ! Our house is only 8 years old and every cabinet and drawer has fallen apart. Our counters and kitchen table hold every thing that should go in the cabinets and drawers. We live in the country and ALL of our tools were stolen 2 years ago so that's a huge expense we don't have at the time. Love your designs and your wood working skills. Love all your videos. I believe so far they are the best I have found on you tube !! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. You commented that bolting things together always seems to take so long — absolutely true! I save my sanity with an impact driver and a socket set. It makes short work of all the tedious turning.

  7. Nah, when the time comes, people will remember you as Frank who made a cart to move his stove around, not the idiot who doesn't read the manual. So it's always good to overthink things and overprepare. It gives you the peace of mind the night before, and that's what's most important.

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