Cloud Bowl

This bowl is made from a flat piece of walnut. The walnut is cut into rings, and these rings are stacked to form a bowl. I used my CNC router to cut cloud shapes into the side of the bowl. I filled these holes with corresponding maple clouds. I turned the maple and walnut together on the lathe to form a bowl with clouds around the side. I gave the bowl a very small foot to give it a feeling lightness.

Frank Howarth — Father, husband, and interested in architecture at a small scale expressed through woodworking and film making.

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41 ответов на “Cloud Bowl”

  1. Frank Its been said many times and in many different ways, in fact I'm sure I've probably said it before on more than one of your videos, but let me try and put it to words again. Your editing, camera work, sound effects, lighting, music and narrations are simply put…as good as it gets. When you watch something and as you see it unfold in front of you whether its a movie, a sunset, a new life introduced into the world and you are mesmorized by its content and detail to the effect that everything else around you disapears, well that's a rare tallent today. This may sound weird, but I think everyone that watches what you do are better after the fact. Thanks again for sharing with us something wonderful and certianly is a legacy in of itself. May your family treasure every frame and moving part of what you have shared with everyone who has come into contact with you. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Love the new auto hold-down… where can I get one of those bad boys?! :)Using a longer handled parting tool will work better plus you should always carve a gap slightly wider than the tool or it will bind in the wood. I've had a tool snap at the tang when I was doing it wrong and it went 360 degrees around the lathe and rapped me on the knuckles. Hard! But widening the gap you carve with a longer handled tool should do it fine.

  3. Trepanning like that freehand is going to be sketchy. It can be dicey on metalworking lathes with purpose ground trepanning tool. Basically a parting tool but relief ground underneath the cutting edge or even a curved tool to match the desired radius.

  4. To make the angled circular cuts, you could put your CNC router (or something else) at the desired angle in a fixed position. The piece could be sitting centered on some type of lazy susan rotation stage, where the distance from the center of the stage to the router determines the radius of the cut. Simply rotate the stage slowly to make a perfectly round cut. I've seen this method used to make a perfectly round tabletop using a table saw (WWMM I think).

    You could even extend the top and the bottom of the piece to make it into a cone. Getting that cone really thin might make a cool lampshade or something.

  5. Frank, I just stumbled upon your work and now your YouTube channel from Instagram. Great work, great ideas. Not sure if you know this or not yet but when cutting parts on the CNC a technique that we use here at work is by leaving "tabs" to hold the piece during the final cut. On your final pass create small areas where you lift the cutter up as it travels along the path to leave small tabs of the material holding the work in place as the cut runs the rest of the tool path. You can then use a chisel and mallet to cut the part free. Just a little tip I learned. Hope that helps.

  6. love your projects and the way you tell the story through the videography.
    i have no background in wood turning, however I have noticed that on previous projects you create a log with a primary subject in which you take slices to add in. on this project, you inserted individually cut pieces.
    did you find this to take longer and is there any merit in using one method over another?

  7. legitimately the most beautiful turned bowl I have ever seen. the Simplistic design with a child like wonder encapsulates an elegant youthfulness. it's form and not so much function. but it is absolutely gorgeous. my hat is off to you sir.

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