Kitchen Remodel: Part 3 — All about that base

I made the cabinet bases from salvaged pieces of the original kitchen. The bases will house some plumbing and electrical. I held the various sections of the base in place and level with wooden «L» brackets that I also made. Another part of this phase of the project is updating the electrical for the kitchen. This includes moving, adding and grounding the outlets. I also patched a section of the floor.

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  1. Enjoyable as always. The editing makes your videos just a treat to watch. I hope you will do a tutorial on how you put a video together some time. Although who wants to give away their treasured secrets! Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

  2. We have an older kitchen as well. Need help renovate cheapest way. It seems like we'll never find the right guy for this job. May we have your opinion on how to get things started? Thanking in advance 🙂

  3. after doing cabinets like these with my dad, then working in a cabinet shop if you ever have to make more cabinets invest and plastic feet they are a god sent. then just add your finished to kick and use dap and 2 or 3 screws into the feet to secure it

  4. Hey Frank. I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of your videos. They are so detailed and fun to watch. I just bought my first home. A fixer-upper and so I'll be watching a lot of your videos during my remodel. Thank you so so much for putting in the time to make these wonderful tutorials. You're an amazing craftsman and such a creative videographer. All the best. James.

  5. You made cabinet boxes with bottoms that are screwed to a base, and around youtube I've seem people making the bottom and base together (just cutting the toe kick corner). Any thoughts on one over the other?

  6. This looks so relaxing to me. For some reason making a perfect size anything fit to a space gives me a rewarding feeling. Is that carpentry? Wood work? I think i should go to school for it. I'd love it.

  7. I had Inspector in mid size city tell me that ALL things in the blue plastic boxes had to be UL listed, no drywall screws in the back or side of the box, lots of fun.

  8. And MAN, I love your idea to use your son as a test subject. If you got it all wrong, the lamp would blow up right into him and there would be lots of sparks from that wall. He'd be scared to death of electricity for the rest of his life. SO FUN! (evil laughter) MWAHAHAHAHA Don't feel too guilty, though. My son usually tests the depth of the water before I cross it in my SUV. Back in Australia, he did that, too, and I swear I only noticed "Crocodiles! Beware!" sign when he was already half way through anyway.

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