Pinewood Derby: Car, Stands, and Race

I volunteered to build the stands for the cars at this year’s Pinewood Derby. I used an old piece of hemlock to make the stands. The stands consist of three parts: a base, a post, and a platform. The platform is at a slight angle to better display the cars. We also built a car. It has a wedge shaped body with polished and bent axles. Calvin came in 13th out of 38 cars.

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  1. for my pinewood derby cars. i did a generic car, then a school bus with windows that took me all the way to regionals where their tracks were not lined up and extremely jumpy, then i made a skateboard with grip tape on top.

    in the father races, my dad made a car in the shape of an "S". he named it  S-Car-Go. he thoughtit was PUNNY.

  2. My wife's scrapbooking tools came in handy for masking off paint. We used my wife's Cricket cutter and sticker maker to mask off spots on the car. This works really well when we have time to do all that.

  3. The group that put the race on is Venture Crew 419 in Beaverton Oregon.  We provide the 6 lane 44' track, the computer, projector and crew to staff the race for the Cub Scout Packs in the greater Portland metro area.  It is a fundraiser for our Venture Crew.  You can check out the website at   We do track the time for every car and every race to the thousandth of a second.  Each car gets to race one time in each lane and the car with the lowest overall elapsed time wins the race.  We also track winners in each sub-group (dens for the Cub Scouts, Parents, siblings, etc).  We put on a few of these races every year.  It is a lot of fun.  It also give the younger Cub Scouts something to aspire to, as we have a number of Eagle Scouts in our co-ed crew.  Thank you Frank for the great video!

  4. Great projects with your son.  Brought back many fond memories with my boys and their pine wood derby cars in the 1980's.  I had my cabinet shop then and work had to stop  while I cut out a number of cars for any who would come by.  Thanks for sharing with us. 

  5. Great video Frank.  With your woodworking skills you should be able to build a nearly unbeatable pinewood derby car.  It's all about alignment and proper weight placement. 
    Looks like you and your son are getting the value out of the process of working together like you're supposed too. Keep up the good work!

  6. Brings back great memories. We used graphite on the axles for lube and one big tip is to get the weight as far to the back of the car as possible without it causing the car to tip back. The energy of the car is the downward slope so the longer (i.e. further up the ramp) the weight is, the further the energy lasts. It works.

  7. Awesome!  I remember making my derby car with my dad when I was in scouts and coming first place, many many years ago.  Sanding the nails and adding graphite definitely helped me win haha!  

  8. Ugh, Dads like you were the reason I always left these events in tears! My car was always a box with immovable tires jammed into it by comparison…

    Just kidding. 🙂 That's awesome that you made all of those stands for the Scouts. I'm sure your son will remember making his cars with you for a long time.

    I found your channel tonight and really like your videos. I just started woodworking and have been eating up videos like yours on YouTube. Thanks for making them! Now on to your older ones…

  9. cool project, we just raced and are headed to the district race after running an average 3.514 and best time of 3.426 on a 49' track. going to make a stand to display our car with our trophies. Thanks for sharing! PWD is so exciting for the kids(and me too!!)

  10. Pretty cool movie, Thanks for putting it together. I just had our Cub Car Rally here in Canada. Its interesting to see how you put you car together. I liked the animation too. cool little instruction video for first time makers.
    I had a bit of a scary notion seeing the boys with a hammer and pounding in the nail for the axle so I made a pre nailed axle hole maker out of a piece of dowel with a nail glued in the end, It made it so much easier pushing the nail in the end. Thanks again

  11. Oh my goodness! Claire and her little pink dolphin! So sweet! Also, I appreciate how you let Calvin lead in the design and production of his PWD car. So many dads are crazy competitive and barely let their sons touch the car. I like that you were focused on doing the project together and in improving his car's performance over previous derbies, rather than beating the competition. Way to go, dad!

  12. hi Frank, I couldn't help noticing the scouting regalia 🙂 I'm part of the scouting movement in Australia, it's really nice to see these things happening and groups getting together with so many members. as part of "rovers" I early get to see this kind of thing very often and I really wish that we had more of this. keep up the awsone work

  13. I remember one year instead of cars, we made rubber band powered rockets that ran the width of a basketball court on with two hooks hanging on a fishing line. Kind of an airplane with no wings… lots of fun!

  14. Never actually knew these races were a real thing, only time I've hear even heard about them was on that south park episode where they cheat to make their car go faster and accidentally invent warp speed ^^

  15. Awesome work and awesome video! there is nothing better than having all the tools to build these projects. I am using hack saws and hand tools to build my Kub Kar, and it is just so hard to get a good, even cut! Thanks for making this video!

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