segmented wood turned Wedding bowl

I have been asked by my in-laws to create a segmented bowl that they can give as a wedding gift. I have been looking at Hawaiian tapa cloth patterns and like one that is a chevron and a checkerboard pattern mixed together. I made the bowl so there is maple around the top and walnut around the bottom and the two woods mix in the pattern running around the bowl. I thought this was a nice metaphor of two people joining together.

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  1. been watching your videos for a solid 6 hours now. with a couple other turners mixed in here and there. yours are by far the most entertaining though. well done, production wise. this is my favorite piece so far. the pattern lines up perfectly. that seems really hard.

  2. So it's been two years since you posted this video… but, instead of salt, use sawdust. Sawdust has the same no slip properties, compresses with the clamping, and blends into the final workpiece. Cheers

  3. You had problems holding the bowl still while you chiselled off the final plug. Yachtsmen use a rubbery type mat on their dining tables to keep their plates in place in rough weather, that might help.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Frank. Well done sir.
    Just a thought (and I have no experience of using a lathe so I might be completely wrong here), but could you not put the jaws on the INSIDE of the lip of the bowl and wind them outwards to grip?

  5. I wish I got into turning wood 20 years ago instead of two weeks ago. this is so impressive!

    It's 2:45 am and I have to get up for work at 6. I wish I could also sleep…

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