Motorized Stop Motion Dolly

I have made a motorized stop motion dolly. I finally found a very slow electric motor. It rotates at 3.5 revolutions per minute. I cobbled together the track, dolly and gear box from previous projects and added the motor with a speed control. The speed control allows me to slow the motor even more. The motor rotates a gear that winds up a string on an axle. This string pulls the dolly along the track at a very slow speed. I placed the track at a slight incline to put the string in tension.

Kitchen Remodel: Part 4 — Cabinet Carcass
with stop motion tracking shot

Stop Motion Camera Dolly

Camera Tracking

Gear Template Generator

DIY Camera Dolly

Electric Motor

Motor Speed Controller

Frank Makes:

26 ответов на “Motorized Stop Motion Dolly”

  1. i'm not sure why nobody seams to notice but:
    Stop Motion = Take a picture, change something, take another picture, change something again… and put all the frames together so that it seams like a fluid motion.
    What you are doing there is called a timelapse 🙂
    Great work though, love how much effort you put into all of this!

  2. It would be really neat if you made a track that went all they way around the shop while you worked on a project! The wheels would need to be able to turn though. You could probably convert a model train set…ideas. 🙂

  3. очень умелая модификация того что под рукой и это поражает размахом воображения. человек который умеет находить выход из сложившихся ситуаций подобным образом, является по истене творцом. творцом своего творения, а как известно творца познают по его творениям. хотел бы я быть его учеником.

  4. very skillful modification of what is at hand and it affects the scale of imagination. a man who knows how to find a way out of this situation in this way, is the creator of Easten. creator of his creations, but as you know the creator known by his creations. I would like to be his disciple.

  5. Man, u r a genius . I love and enjoy all of your videos and all of your work is so precise and beautiful . I can spend hours watching u working. You r one hell ova good carpenter . Thanks , keep up the good work

  6. Woodworker, machinist, electrician, computer wiz, videographer, cinematographer, foley artist… what else is there to this man! Hats off to you Frank. I had no idea how much work goes into one of your productions! Thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and creativity with us! Apparently the "thumbs down" are from ISIS.

  7. Use Arduino for your controllers. You can do everything with that, Distance, rotation (RPM) speed. position, ECT… so much can be done. Even a ceiling flying camera for the down view like a football game sort of say.

  8. Not sure if you've considering this, but you could just sit the camera further back and pan digitally. That way you'd control the amount of time a pan takes also.
    Obviously it's a great project and love the construction.

  9. Hi frank, love the videos. Just a quick one. Would your trolley not speed up towards the end as the amount of string would build up on the wooden dowel and slowly become larger and larger, therefor pulling the cart at a different rate than when it started with no string on the dowel? Hard to explain but I hope someone can. Solution might be to loop it over once then hang a weight from the end?

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