Wood Turned Easter Egg

I have made a segmented wood turned Easter Egg. The patterning for the segments is inspired from looking at Ukrainian eggs. I used 4 wood types: Walnut, Maple, Purple Heart, and Padauk. The egg is 6 inches in diameter and 9 inches long. I turned it on the lathe like a spindle and finished up the last end by holding the egg with a jam chuck.

Video Woodworkers

Frank Howarth — Father, husband, and interested in architecture at a small scale expressed through woodworking and film making.

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49 ответов на “Wood Turned Easter Egg”

  1. This is awesome. It is clear that you are great at what you do, but you are also very talented when it comes to making these videos. Things like the stop motions and integrations of fitting music really make them fun to watch.

  2. Sir you're doing a wounder full work. Your whole work is our inspiration & will become Inspiration for coming Generations. Now i am not able to Work Cause of my different faculty of Education but i have intentions to work in wood turning in my future. Bless you Sir. If you could contact me Please Contact Me at waseemkhan12500@gmail.com

  3. I love this project so much that I have watched it about 8 times. I made my husband buy me a lathe based mainly on this segmented egg video. I watched a ton of videos and know tat I'm years away from this but it's my goal.

  4. I simply believe that with this plan I can build award-winning woodworking projects [Link Here==https://plus.google.com/u/0/109305854848533008884/posts/j4qp7C9WysA ]. From what I have seen and works I have already done, I know that this is not a false claim. This is the best plan on the market today. I highly recommend it to any woodworker of any status.

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