Kitchen Remodel: Part 5 — Drawers

I made the cabinet drawers from half inch birch plywood. I made the side pieces from some of the scraps leftover from the cabinets and two new sheets of plywood. I have three different heights of drawers wrapping around the kitchen. A deep drawer on the bottom, and medium drawer in the middle and a shallow drawer on the top. The joint at the corners and holding the bottom in place is a dado and rabbet fit together. The bottoms are also made from half inch plywood. I made a jig to hold the slides in place for instillation.

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  1. Great work! As always.
    I use these slides often and I noticed that in some circumstances, when your drawer is wider than 1 meter is good to have 2 of them on each sides, or soft slide and one normal ball bearing slide. Of course I don't know how much stuff will you have there, but in my case it worked well, because we must have tons of stuff in drawers.. you know what I mean … 🙂

  2. I'm still utterly impressed by your narration and editing. I enjoy your work of art and the filming makes it just a pleasure to watch. Please keep that quality work up!
    What I was wondering about is, would you do any commissioned pieces besides those that are meant to be for your friends and family?

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany 🙂

  3. Those look like the Ho,e Depot slides. I've used them a few times thinking it me who is just not being accurate enough… They are just bad slides. Once there is any small amount of weight in the drawer that little magnet and spring system just isn't enough. By weight I mean the drawer itself. Maybe they are for 1/4" plywood. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Mr. Howarth. A trick I use to stop tearout is to lower the saw blade so the blade makes about a 1/16th of an inch cut. Then run the piece across the balde backwards, then adjust the blade up again and run the piece forward to make the cut. Works great and gives you a razor sharp edge with no tearout. Thanks for the great videos. Enjoying all of the projects and the video tricks.

  5. Frank: with regard to your drawer bottoms….I don't understand the difference between having the rabbet up versus having it face down in terms of strength.  Can you (or anyone) explain?  You just say it's stronger the way you did it but I don't get why.

  6. Frankie….looks great….i think you should have made the large drawers from 3/4" ply and not from half inch. those usually hold heavy pots and pans. those will brake first for sure and i would have used heavy duty slides for those drawers as when they are fully loaded they will slam.  other then that looks beautiful cant wait to see the finished kitchen.

  7. I've always wondered what the best/most accurate way is to install drawer slides and that jig for placing the slides is a great tip.  Video didn't show how you placed the corresponding part on the actual drawer, how was that done?

  8. Hey Frank.  Love all of your work.  Just thought I'd share a tip I picked up from William Ng for a simple box joint jig used with your already tuned table sled:

  9. ….long time fan Frank, enjoy everyone of them…..really like the screen shot angles, and close up views….adding the cad overlay is a nice touch, and helpful to the project explanation…. thanks for the show…….

    ….ever think as a side project, electric brake on the saw blade…..

  10. That was one awesome video! I think one of your best so far and I believe I've seen them all. As a beginning woodworker, I've experimented with several different ways of making drawers and finally settled on assembling them with pocket holes. Not very elegant, I admit, but they do seem to hold together well for my shop and I've found them easier to measure to fit. I'm wondering if you ever considered using pocket holes for your drawers instead of the dado/rabbets that you used for your kitchen drawers?

  11. Frank you are my number 1 YouTube guy, you make me think and try things. I have turned a few green simple bowls and can not wait to cut out the defects and glue in new stuff and finish turning them. I saw another turner and when he was done turning green wood he would buried the bowl in a container full of chips from turning. Said they dry better wondered if you had any input.

    Google just jacked up me and I am sure millions of other users? I am not a poster just a user of youtube. I love to watch my subscribers post. I had you all in your collections Garden, Wood, Tech and now all I have is a very long list of subscribers.  GOOGLE is in violation of it's own Do no evil mantra. People have been organizing there data for years in collections and over night you basically took those years of work dumped in a pile stirred it up and left us a mess. Now I have to go thru hundreds of subscriptions to fine a certain channel that I use to know right where it was. So in addition to sending this to GOOGLE I am going to let all of my subscriptions know that I most likely will not be visiting very often because of the mess you have made.  This action is sure to affect the producers and cause a loss of traffic to your sites. So in advance sorry if I do not find my way back to your site I have I enjoyed your posts for years THANK YOU

  12. thanks for the videos,since i was a kid i started watching new yankee workshop and now there are a lot of people started posting on youtube. thank you sir! i wish i could own a table saw T_T that saw cost so much here in Philipines T_T

  13. I've found that the soft-close rails work best when the drawers are loaded up.  Maybe that's why your big ones feel the nicest right now.

    I love your videos and I can't wait for parts 6 — 100!

  14. This guy classifies himself as a top end woodworker furniture maker but in reality he can't even nock up some simple kitchen cabinets requiring limited skills and just basic cabinetry work.

  15. The Dado Rabbet joint is quite strong with today's glues. I know you won't ever have a problem with it.  I made 'shop boxes' that way with crumby scraps and they are still going strong years of abuse later 🙂

  16. Приспособление для крепления механизма выдвижения ящиков показалось очень удобным. Сам придумал? 🙂

  17. i don't understand why having the piece face up or down changes the strength.
    Isn't all the strength in the section that inserts either way? how does the non-inserted wood help either way?

  18. when you where talking about losing strength in the bottom because it was dependent on the glue in the layers but it would be strongerif you turned the bottom over. Either way you are dependent on the remaining piece on the dado on the side which is supporting the whole side aren't you?

  19. You're good. Really good. Now quit acting like a murkin and go get yourself some wood. Real wood. It comes from a sawmill. You can't use the credit card either.Imagine that effort put into some kiln dried Mahogany. THAT would be worth all of that effort and perfection.

  20. Perhaps u would like to try assembling only with air nails and screws instead of cut out joints or jig?(whatever u may call it, to hold the sides in place or support strength).It would save u great time and effort.However upon doing that,u most likely would need to apply those exposed areas with laminates sheets to conceal all those nails and screws holes.. cheers ,mate

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