Kitchen Remodel: Part 6 — cabinet tops

I have made a frame for the tops of the cabinets out of 3/4 inch birch plywood. This frame will help hold the various cabinets together as well and hold the top of each cabinet rigid. It will also provide support for the countertop which will be attached to this frame.

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  1. I'm guessing that this kitchen is finished. Am I correct?
    surely you can't go this long without a kitchen.

    So, assuming that the kitchen is finished and that we are just waiting for you to get the videos edited and online, I want to make a suggestion.

    I know for myself, I never miss any of your videos and I want to tell you that you do an excellent job with the filming and editing.

    When YouTubers take so long to get the entire project posted, it is kind of frustrating as a viewer, waiting for the completion.  I think that from now on, I am going to wait til all of the series is posted to view it.  I only mention this to point out that it might be the case with many viewers.  See you again when your kitchen is finished.

    Keep up the great work.
    Be Well


  2. Frank, the cabinet to the left side of the sink(drawers) will have a spacer to bring it past the front of the sink right? Else the drawer will open into the side of the sink.

  3. Hey Frank! Love your videos, not only from the woodworking perspective, but also a cinematography perspective. Superior quality my man. 

    I had a question about your blade height though! I notice it was super high, and I've heard both sides of the story between safety over less surface area/reduced kick back, but what surprised me is you did a cut that didn't go all the way through, and it looked pretty square, which I have yet to accomplish on a table saw. If I stop the cut where the mark is, the cut goes way beyond that on the bottom side. So my question is, did you set the blade high enough so that problem wouldn't happen, or did you mark it as a stop point in reference to the bottom of the blade? (does that make sense)

    Thanks man!

  4. Thank you Frank!  another great video.  really like your commentary regarding the reasoning behind moving the cabinet up to the kitchen!  Thanks again!

  5. Well you are on the way now and a fine job to i remember my first kitchen it took for ever but now think it out and work it out and before you know it jobs done . Good on you Frank .

  6. Looking good Frank. I enjoyed the varying use of wipe transitions in this video — this seems new… it added an interesting visual element to the storytelling, and it wasn't overdone either. Keep creating and experimenting.

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