Kitchen Remodel: Part 7 — Plastering and Painting

I had to repair the kitchen walls to get ready for the cabinets. I started by patching the holes in the walls There was one big patch and several smaller ones. I managed to get all the material I needed out of one piece of dry wall. Then I plastered, starting with the seams, and working outward from there. I used curing plaster instead of drywall mud. This allowed me to fill bigger voids and gave me a harder surface in the end. I smoothed over the texture on the entire two walls. Last was painting. I used a roller with a very short nap for a smooth finish.

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  1. On picking a color. I like to get a color chart or fan deck put it next to stationery items like your flooring and your cabinets your flooring has a red tint to it so you can go a tan color but on the red side or opposite of red is green maybe like green sage.
    The great thing about paint is it is cheap and fairly simple to change.

  2. That clock seems kinda dated. These days practically all kitchen appliances have digital clocks built in, so it's redundant and yet another clock you have to "spring forward and fall back" twice a year. If it was mine, I'd get rid of it. Now if it set itself from a radio signal from Colorado, that would be different.

  3. I like the built-in, frameless, clock.  Your lights seem to be silver, probably brushed nickel, so you may wish to paint the hands silver and change the face markings for something a little more contemporary.

    There are tons of clock face designs on Google Images.  If you find one you like, you can have a sign shop cut it in vinyl.  You can use registration paper to transfer it perfectly to your wall for a new look with extreme little effort.

  4. Plaster tip.  Add the water to the bucket first and then add the dry powder. This will mix better and you won't have clumps of powder stuck to the inside bottom ring of your pail that the mixer just can't get to.  Same idea with grout or any other powder concoction you mix up.

  5. I completely understand what you mean about plaster being relaxing. I'm the total opposite on texture: I like some and I love trying to match textures. To me, if a house wall isn't framed straight, a smooth wall just makes me want to scream every time I look down it and see all of the waves. Plus I really like semi-gloss paint instead of flat paint, and semi gloss REALLY shows imperfections in a wall surface. It's been fascinating to watch your creative process work on a mundane project like remodeling a kitchen. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Hi Frank, nice to meet you again.
    Good job, well done and I, honestly and positively envy you.
    The most amazing part from all the actions on this particular-video was for me, the little gesture for cleaning up, the last little plaster lump …off the mixer pad: by the hand, an let the tool …clean! I find this …special and I appreciate. I actually do the same thing, each and every time. That explain the large collection, of many old/kind  mixer pads, still being nice, clean and in good shape. Thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us.
    Keep going!

  7. Thats not plastering where I come from.  Easier ways to do it than that. U would have been quicker removing all the drywall and re boarding with new then just taping/mudding the joints.

  8. about your clock, why cant you use an oscillating tool to cut around it and cut the lath so it comes off in one piece then put in a junction box for the electrical and then frame the clock and put it back up in the shop 😎 just a thought

  9. Nice project… (I already saw the other parts)… Kind of strange seeing the floor "built around" (?!) kitchen… Anyhow, I wonder… didn't you apply deep solvent primer before applying plaster and paint onto the raw drywalls?! Usually a must if you don't want to have 'surprises' later… Looking forward to the finished project 🙂

  10. What do you mean "not to sand between the layers of plastering"? They ALWAYS get sanded, good or bad plasterers. It's part of the process. What I REALLY don't get is why you left those tiny patches near the floor? You were doing a huge wall but left out small pieces? As a matter of fact they look like it was easier to do them than work around them. :-)))

  11. Don't know if you're reading the comments on these old videos, but I love the style of your house. I live in a mid-century modern house as well. My tastes align with yours pretty well. And I love the clock. I wouldn't change a thing.

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