Kitchen Remodel: Part 8 — Cabinet Install

There was a lot more fitting and fussing with the cabinets to get them into place then I had originally thought. For the most part, these issues were all things I knew about, but had ignored until the last minute. I attached them down to the base and to each other with screws. They are also being held together with the top plate. This helps give the cabinets rigidity and provides a foundation for the countertop.

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29 ответов на “Kitchen Remodel: Part 8 — Cabinet Install”

  1. Nice Job Frank…

    What's up with the "counter guys" coming in?
    Surely you can do the counters also.

    Working with stone isn't that hard.  You just gotta get down and do it.
    Cut or have it cut to size and get grinding/polishing.  I know you can do it.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Frank I think I would prefer financial advice from you rather then hobbiest carpentry videos.  You seem to do pretty well for yourself. pm me if you have information on that and you'd be willing to share. how you do what you do.

  3. Wow — I have no interesting in building anything but stumbled across this and really appreciate the time involved in doing such a good quality detailed video.   Subscribed.

  4. Hello Frank, I used the idea I saw on one of your videos for french cleats and after I remembered you saying that you don't really need the bottom :O(  it worked great and all you really have to do is screw the faces together…..old house, crooked walls looks great. Just wanted to say thanks for the idea

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