Snow Bell

The pattern in this segmented wood turned bell is an abstraction of snow falling on hills. The snow and hills are made from birch wood and the sky is purple heart. I have wanted to use the new CNC machine to make segments for segmented woodturning. In this bell, I used the CNC to make the wavy hills in the design. The construction of the bell is 6 segments cut with a compound miter between each segment. This forms a six sided cone that can be shaped into a bell on the lathe. I made the snow in the design by drilling holes in the segments and gluing dowels in those holes.

The UK Irish Woodturners Symposium:

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30 ответов на “Snow Bell”

  1. Very nice looking bells. I have made wooden bells that I hang different lengths of conduit pipe under the rim of the bell to make a wind chime out of them. I use heavy fishing line to hang the pipes. .Then  Iuse a smaller bell hung down from the big one for clapper .Then  make a flat bell to hang bellow the smaller bell for catching the wind.

  2. Hey, great video!

    Since the original plank was flipped for every segment, I think you effectively created 'polar' segments if that makes sense. Thus the waves would crest and trough in opposite directions for each consecutive segment. I guess this could be avoided if you separated every other piece into groups for its own bell?

  3. Hi Frank. I would just like to say how brilliant your projects are. Your patience is remarkable. Your videos are brilliant as well. I especially liked your reference to Dr Who in this video. Being British, it was great to see.
    I am new to turning and you have inspired me to get into segmenting. I also have the use of a cnc router so this is something I would like to incorporate as well.( if you don't mind).
    How much time do you spend working out in which order to cut and glue the segments together? That must take a considerable amount of time. Could I also ask why you don't put the finish on your pieces whilst they are still on the laithe?
    Keep up the great work.

  4. I realize this is an old video since it is now May 2017 but I just want to thank you for posting your processes and talking it thru so that even I can understand what you're doing. Your work is way above my level so it motivates me and everyone else to work to a higher level. Thanks again Brad

  5. Frank, your engineering and wood working skills are amazing, but even more impressive to me is your artistic talent. Your editing is fun and extremely well done, and your ability to bring a wonderful idea to life in wood is inspiring,

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