Making a big wooden sphere

I have wanted to make a large sphere from a single section through a log so that the grain is continuous all the way around the sphere. About two years ago, I turned two bowl blanks from opposite sides of the same cherry log. They are now dry and ready to be finished. I needed a little more dimension between the two halves so that they would form a sphere. I made a segmented piece to fit between the two bowl halves. Using the CNC, I cut into the rim of the two bowls and into the new segmented space section, forming a geometric wavy pattern for the segmented section. I wood turned the insert and the two halves into a sphere on the lathe. Some say it looks like Jupiter.

Tools used in this project can be found at

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38 ответов на “Making a big wooden sphere”

  1. Amazing skill and patience. Sitting here at 8am on a cold, dark, wet Scottish morning, with a coffee, enjoying watching a craftsman working. I'm now inspired to go out to my cave later and make a shelf.

  2. I really liked the process you went through to achieve the goal that you did I’m thinking maybe next time if you made a spear you would not put the centerpiece in there and make all the green go all the way around and I look like just one ball without the center section put in there

  3. Hi Frank, beautiful work, well thought out. However, I was almost sad to see the 'jagged' bowls disappear, and the 'handles' too. I thought maybe in the future you could make a more utilitarian creation, that would form two bowls with two handles on each. Hope this makes sense. A very happy Christmas to you and the family. Thank you for sharing your thinking with us.🙏🏻

  4. while it looks absolutely awesome, it feels a bit weird to see something that big meant to be merely lying around decorative….honestly, if a saw it in a shop and didn´t know what it was, i´d fiddle with it trying to find the secret button that allows you access to the inside of the sphere

  5. Gorgeous sphere! I love the way you explain every step and the thinking process. I have all similar equipment and your videos just fill my head with more and more ideas. Great work. I look forward to the next project.

  6. Wow, the camera shot that shows what you are trying to do really helped me understand what you are trying to do while making a sphere. It also made it very clear how easy it would be to just continuosly be chasing the sphere.

  7. Hello Mr. Frank, I want to congratulate you on all the things you do with wood, you are a master at handling this material, I want to ask you, is it possible that you can build a road bike frame out of wood? It would be incredible and something different, congratulations I love your channel …!

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