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In my latest woodworking project, I made a segmented mallet from the scrap pieces of birch plywood leftover from the CNC storage project. For this wooden mallet project, I organized the small pieces of plywood by gluing them into larger plates with a walnut strip at the seams. Then I stacked these pieces of plywood on top of each other rotating each of the pieces to make a block of plywood with a twisted walnut patterns running up the length of the glue up. I made the mallet’s handle by gluing up a bunch of smaller walnut strips into a piece big enough to make the handle. I connected the handle and the head of the wooden mallet using round mortise and tenon joinery. Finally, I turned the entire glue up on the lathe to form the mallet. The birch plywood and walnut made a beautiful pattern on the mallet. For this woodworking project, I think that the handle turned out better than I had expected as well.

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  1. I've done a lot of plywood turning and the best advise I can give on it is to keep your gouge as sharp as possible, once you get it round ramp the speed up on the lathe, and turn rough the shape you're going for then sand it to final shape with a low number grit sandpaper. After that it's the same finishing process you'd do on any other turning project. Because of all the glue and weird grain direction in plywood it makes it near impossible to turn it without some chip out.

  2. As you said at the end "I don't know if I'd want to hit something with this", but it's a beautiful work of art as are all of your projects, sometimes beauty outweighs function, art is like that.

  3. That definitely looks cool, not sure I'd want to hit things with it

    I'd be really interested to see if it's possible to cut an angle on the walnut pieces so when they're rotated they line up and form a continuous spiral

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