Making A Christmas Ornament

I have made this year’s Christmas ornament from a 20-sided icosphere. I made the 20 triangles forming the icosphere by gluing up a length of wood pieces that formed a Christmas tree graphic. I then sectioned that length of wood into the 20 triangles that I needed. I made a jig for the table saw that allowed me to cut the precise angle on the sides of these triangles so that they would all fit together to form the 20 sided sphere. I then woodturned this 20 sided object on the lathe to form a true sphere of about 6” in diameter. It has 20 differently decorated Christmas trees around its surface. It is made primarily of maple Christmas trees in a walnut field. I then decorated each tree by drilling holes in the face of each triangle and inserting different types of dowels.

Reference videos:
How to Woodturn the Earth:
Snowflake Sphere:
How to Woodturn a Sphere:

Tools used in this project can be found at​

Woodturning tools:

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28 ответов на “Making A Christmas Ornament”

  1. You talk a lot,,, but work goes on a lot. I love that. Loved your ornament. Maybe a nice brass crown and hook would be nice. Bravo Zulu Sir!

  2. I'll be the first to admit that I'm Team Humbug. But this is my tradition of the last few years- To see what Frank's made this year, and "check in" at the end and see how much the kids have grown over the year. Thank you for another great one!

  3. Really awesome ornament. You should try Rob Cosmans method for making dowels. Makes perfectly sized and smooth dowels every timr

  4. Great job. I build these Polyhderal objects all the time. He is a tip. Use and upholstery stapler to join the pieces. This eliminates all the tape. You will never see the inside staples and you will cut away the outside staples when you turn it..

  5. Merry Christmas everyone, we saw Frank build his workshop, it wasn’t as hard as this guys…try The Vaulted Workshop, this guy deserves more views for what he’s doing.

  6. What a beautiful woodworking piece! You are amazingly smart & should be a geometry teacher. Loved the kids Merry Christmas at the end 🎄

  7. Just WOW Frank! You have some serious skills! Not only in your amazing creations, but with your technology skills! Puts my efforts in making videos for YouTube to shame 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Hi Frank. I gotta ask. What is that yellow magnet fence/guide/featherboard type doohicky you put on the table saw called and where can i get one?

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