Making the Most Beautiful Trash Can in the World

We were in need of a trash receptacle in our family room. I found a nice sized plant pot that I could reuse as a trash container. I wanted to make a wood turned wrapper around this plastic pot. What made this project complicated was its size. It had to be big enough to completely encase the plant pot. I made the project in three sections: two sections for the body of the wrapper that covers the pot and a third section that is a rim at the top that holds the plant pot in. The rim is also shaped so that it is removable and laps the inner edge of the plant pot so things that are thrown into the container don’t get stuck between the pot and the woodturned wrapper. The inside did not need to be pretty. It just had to fit the plant pot. I spent time making the outside of the trash can beautiful. I made a section of the outside with a chaotic segmented pattern made from scrap wood I found around the wood shop. I like the metaphor of trash on the outside and trash on the inside.

Tools used in this project can be found at​

Woodturning tools:

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0:00 (introduction)
0:54 (Processing maple)
1:37 (making rings)
3:01 (chaotic pattern)
8:03 (more rings)
11:39 (wood turning inside)
16:34 (wood turning outside)
19:50 (conclusion)

48 ответов на “Making the Most Beautiful Trash Can in the World”

  1. Awesome Frank………'s only a matter of time till you loose all control and start making cremation urns! Hahahahah!!! DD

  2. Nice piece of work. But I have a problem with your hyperbole. You haven't the first idea whether this is the most beautiful rubbish bin in the world, because you have seen a squillionth of 1% of the world's rubbish bins. Stupid over blown claims don't serve you, or Youtube, well. What is it in the psyche of Youtube content makers which makes them feel the need to make ridiculous unsustainable claims in the titles of their videos?

  3. I love your work and your gentle, humorous narration. Just one question (I'm sure I'm missing something) but why do you need the plant pot?

  4. The concept and look of the randomized pieces is great! I do think it might have been (possibly) cooler if you had the randomized bits in the lower half to mimic trash inside with the top part being the "solid" wood look. Either way this look really good!

  5. Why do you always want it so smooth and continuous !! Waves ..discontinuous waves … chaotic waves ….I want these in your creativity … Make it too much abstract man you old man

  6. another beautiful project. I do agree that the top would look good with a less abrupt end to the chaos but i mean, it's spectacular as is. Your filmmaking skills have always been incredible but the faux CNN on the TV was so unexpected and delightful. You reign supreme

  7. The first time someone throws a milkshake in there and messes it up, let me know, I'll come punch them for you. That should be on display somewhere, not catching garbage!

  8. Wonderful as always Frank! BTW, is anyone else noticing the recent proliferation of those 3M PAPR powered dust filter masks on a bunch of YouTube woodworking channels lately? I find it a little hard to believe that everyone in the last few months decided to drop over $1k each on those bad boys, nice though they are….

  9. WOW! Frank, I am in love with the way that you did that chaos pattern! I am for sure doing to try and use that in some of my turnings! Thank you for making and inspiring all of us!

  10. Frank — long time viewer. Your voice is sounding hoarse lately. May be useful to get it evaluated by a doctor to role out pathology

  11. Mr Howard:
    I don't know how to describe your work, I dare to classify it as "Splendidly Beautiful and Perfect". Actually you are a master in the Art of Carpentry. Thank you for sharing each of your wonders. God bless you!

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