Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament 2014

With this ornament, I wanted to bring wood from two different trees on our property together. The Ornament would be a sphere with birch wood on the upper half and Deodar Cedar on the bottom half. The two woods would come together in a zigzag pattern in the middle.

47 ответов на “Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament 2014”

  1. You're brilliant. You are my inspiration to do this when I retire. I'm only 20 so I know it's weird but I know I'm gonna do this as my hobby when I retire. Got everything planned. 

  2. 🙂 cool vid, I search for Hyezmar and get his book, or Bible as well. The plans are not all that good, but there are some gems in there that are worth a look, and free is free 🙂

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