Kitchen Remodel: Part 12 — Bamboo Door and Drawer Fronts

I have made the door and drawer fronts to the kitchen cabinets from 3/4 inch bamboo plywood. One big advantage to this is that I did not need to cover the edges of the fronts, as the plywood is solid bamboo. Also, the plywood has a strong, linear grain pattern which I could use to bolster the horizontal design strategy in the kitchen. I started by cutting the height of 33 inches that I needed for the fronts. Then from that, I cut the width that I needed for each section of the cabinets. The door fronts I left a little wide to allow me to do a final fitting once the doors were mounted. The drawer fronts at this point were a single panel for each section. From these I could make the individual fronts. I attached the drawer fronts by getting them positioned, then clamping them to the drawer, and finally attaching them with screws from the inside of the drawer. I used a wipe on polyurethane finish.

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  1. 綺麗な工房(作業場)ですね 日本でも作業場は常に綺麗にしています
    日本のノミがマスターの お役にたっているのなら光栄に思います

  2. Phew. Those are large pieces of ply to handle by one's self. Would you consider using a guide and circular saw to cut those those pieces in-place on a flat surface or the floor?

    Also, really nice look with that bamboo ply. How did you find that it machined as compared to a maple faced ply, for example?

  3. Oi Frank, meu nome é Cecilia e aqui no Brasil estou maravilhada com seu trabalho. Que perfeição, Deus te abençoe, e obrigada por compartilhar esses videos com todos. Um grande abraço.

  4. Why didn't you just route everything into the drawer face rather than worrying about the cabinet frame? If you ever change the faces, you will still have recesses that you won't necessarily use and you could do all the routing in your shop without moving equipment or cleaning up another mess. Nice design, that just stands out to me.

  5. Hi Frank, I really love the look of your kitchen. Excellent!!! What does your vendor, Bamboo Revolution labels this "linear grain" pattern? I checked their website and they have edge grain, flat grain, and strand woven…I can't tell which one you used. Or you had a special order? thank you.

  6. I've always been a fan of cherry cabinets and other darker stains/woods, but I gotta say, these bamboo with the white stone (granite?) counter tops looks really nice and clean.

    Are you keeping the floor the same? I think a dark flooring would look nice, as a contrast to the light wood, maybe something that ties into the dark color of your rafters?

  7. Frank, you have done an excellent job on your kitchen. I've been wanting to gut my kitchen for a long time and build my own cabinets. I'm really inspired now. Were the hinges you used on the corner cabinet anything special or are they standard concealed self closing hinges?

  8. Hi! Great videos. That bamboo plywood seems really suitable for the doors. They will probably stay flat over time. Do you think veneered good quality baltic birch plywood can be used for cabinet doors or will they warp? My thought was to just use polyurethane on the raw edges. Otherwise I think I will edgeband veneered mdf instead.

  9. Looking pretty cool!
    Can you elaborate on the bamboo plywood?
    The center looks different/ better than domestic plywood…
    Did I miss something, or did you not edge band the drawers?

  10. I thoroughly enjoy your woodworking adventures especially the engineering side of shop tools you construct, Frank. Your challenges and solutions ring true. One suggestion: Vix bits will change your pre-drilling world! You can get them anywhere (Lee Valley, Rockler, Woodcraft, Garrett Wade etc.).

  11. Frank, did you find anything unusual about working with Bamboo plywood? Splintering more? End grain issues? So hard it does not absorb finish well? I have never worked with it but I love the look and I'll bet it's strong…. Would value your input… thx… Dave

  12. Those are beautiful. Fantastic work. I've just found your channel and I've already spent a few hours going through your kitchen remodel and a few of you other projects. Now I want to learn how to woodwork!

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