Segmented Wood Turned Bamboo Bowl

In this video, I make a bowl from the leftover 3/4″ bamboo plywood from the kitchen project. I started by drawing the bowl in plan and section to figure out the widths and lengths of the segments that I would need. The bowl is made from 9 rings, each with 12 segments. Then I glued the segments together to form rings. These rings were then glued together to form the bowl. The mass of segments were turned on the lathe to give the bowl its final form.

360 version of this bowl project

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39 ответов на “Segmented Wood Turned Bamboo Bowl”

  1. I liked the 360 it worked fine on my Iphone and on my computer with Firefox. I like the 2d as well. I like all Frank Howarth videos. They are awesome, innovative and the quality is beyond any one else here on you tube. As you stated in another comment releasing a 360 and a traditional video if possible on the same day might be a way to keep making 360 vids. Keep up the

  2. Beautiful bowl… liked this version much more because I could see the bowl in great detail even on an iphone. What do you do with the bowl now? Do you sell it, keep it or give it away? Just really curious…

  3. Beautiful bowl and love the videos.Do you use a programme to figure out the dimensions for the various segments or do your own maths? Couldn't figure it out from the picture and trying to find a more reliable method than the one I've used

  4. +Frank Howarth I've never seen bamboo plywood; I don't think it's available here in Mexico. Is it just three plys with the two face plys being rather thin and the center much thicker? It's beautiful. I loved the 360 video, but this one works better as a how to.

  5. I much prefer this to the first 3d video you made. I like your established format. And while I respect your experimentation and innovation I would miss this version tremendously if you went away from it.

  6. Beautiful! My wife and I installed engineered bamboo hardwood floors in our house about 7 years ago, so I've loved your kitchen series using bamboo plywood, and now this video as well. I love your videos anyway, so the bamboo content was just a bonus. 🙂

  7. does bamboo live much in different humidities and temperatures? i wondered as its the fastest growing plant to exist it would probably be sensitive to that kind of elements?

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