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Stroller is shipped not assembled, all the parts for the assembling come with it.
Wonderful toy for pretend play. All the kids love playing with something they can roll.
Made of natural alder wood. Material inside is linen.

Height 62cm/24,8in , length 55cm/22in, width 22cm/8.8in, width of the seat 26cm/10.4in.

As you know, the wax is a safe product for children so they won’t get poison or allergic.
Polished and coated with beeswax to protect the wood from moisture and dust.
Toys are best for children above 2 years old.

We don’t offer special gift wrapping, although we can add a short gift note to the packing. Please include the inscription in the «note to seller» box when you check out.

Personalize your wooden toy with anything you want. Please specify your personalization in the «note to seller» when you check out and the grammar will appear just as specified.
Don’t see something you were looking for? Send us a message and we will be happy to create a new custom item for you!

Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. However, if you feel the need to wash the toy:
• wash gently and quickly with soap and lukewarm water. Avoid soaking.
• let it dry completely.
• lightly sand with fine sandpaper unpainted areas.
• refinished with any food-safe oil

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