Kitchen Remodel: Part 13 — Open Shelves

Instead of upper cabinets, I built two open shelves along the north wall of the kitchen. I used 1.5 inch thick bamboo plywood for the shelves. I wanted the shelves to float like two objects on the wall. I used hidden steel pins set into the studs of the wall to support the shelves.

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  1. What bothers me when I see the height of the upper shelf is the fact that a big part of your LED system seems to be visible from a standard viewing angle. I don't think making it deeper would fix the problem, I would add a bamboo "strip" to hide it at the cost of making the shelves seem much bigger/larger as a downside. Those LED's never stick on their own, but the result is always worth it if you take the time to glue them correctly ! Excuse my technical English, it is not my first language.

  2. I love these videos. Thanks so much for sharing this process with us!!

    I'm curious where you store staples like flour, oil, vinegar, canned goods, rice, cereal, etc. Traditionally those would go in cabinets hidden from they eye. The cabinets are gone and replaced by those floating shelves.

  3. Been following your remodel and was glad to see this portion. We're gonna try ripping out upper cabinets and doing open shelving in our kitchen soon. Really like the idea of not having visible brackets. Would you do the steel pins again if you could do it over again, or some other method for attaching the shelves?

  4. I love the kitchen remodeling and the whole series, but I feel that the open shelves take away a bit from the sophisticated look in that kitchen. If you're happy then that's great. Job well done, though!

  5. I think you should have considered using recessed aluminium led profile. Those come with a nice plastic cover (frosted or clear).
    The depth of the aluminium profile if chosen according to the distance between the LEDs to get a nice even "neon" look (especially when using a frosted cover)

  6. … pins are a good way to float a shelf. Where I have used them (going way back) the walls were generally granite. For the 'wiggle room' you mention I sank the pins tight into the shelf, drilled the wall holes about 2mm oversize and set the pins in car body filler — that worked just fine.

  7. I'll be doing something similar over a small coffee bar and was curious about the way you powered the LEDs. Those are 12v strips right? Did you hide the power supply's and I missed it? Great job! Thanks!

  8. if you 45 each side of the led track instead of just widen them it mite work out better cause the lite kinda fans out just a thought, love your video's my dad was good with wood he would hand make everything out of would he won lots of awards

  9. Great job Frank! Wonderful shelves! We are renovating a small duplex, and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to do with the old dark 1980s overhead cabinets. Your floating shelves are the solution! Beautiful!

    Question — I love your editing and style in the video, what software did you use to edit the video, add the box diagrams and cup animation? I am looking to build an online presence through my channel, and your editing is fantastic!

  10. I thoroughly enjoy all your videos Frank. Regarding your issue with the LED strips, these may be a nice upgrade for you to run the strips through. Provides a really nice finished look and you won't be relying on the adhesive backing to hold the strips up anymore.

  11. love the bamboo material

    my few LED cents
    — glue on strips deteriorate over time, causing the strip to fall
    — closing led strip without letting heat to escape causes LED to age prematurely

    aluminum support with silicon strip works for me

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