Wood Turned Chip and Dip Tray

I had a cherry tray that I had rough turned three years ago. It was ready for its final turning. It had a crack in it and was very warped from the drying process. Fruit wood like cherry tends to move a lot when it dries. I cut the tray in half along the crack and cleaned up the two cut edges. I made an insert piece to take up the space of the crack and give the piece the width it had lost in drying. The pattern I made from the segmented pieces of the insert was equilateral triangles; an abstraction of tortilla chips. I also cut the sides of the insert at an angle to make up for the warping in the tray. I then made a center ring, with the same triangle pattern, to hold a bowl in the center for salsa. I wood turned all of this down to a chip and dip tray.

Special thanks to Carter and Son Toolworks

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  1. Wow Frank I can not stop watching your channel I feel like a total failure after watching you work. You make everything look easy which is a truly a sign of how good you really are. I would say your channel for the content and the video work has to rank among the best on you tube. How many hours of editing does it take for you for a 11:52 minute video such as this one. Thank you for sharing you shop and your talent.

  2. Hi mate. While I like all the bowls that you make, I have been wondering if you have ever thought of filling cracks with some sort of epoxy resin to stabilise the crack , and show it off, after the bowl has been turned as per normal. I always think that the crack is just as much part of the wood and bowl as the wood itself, if you catch my drift.

  3. i watch so many woodturning/crafting videos as they help me relax but yours just stand out because of the stop motion shots <3 your effort goes a long way and is appreciated

  4. i have a suggestion that might be too late now.. when making the central ring, you could have added spacer blocks to increase the diameter..
    so instead of six segments, you could have 12 segments, but 6 segments are angled and 6 are regular box ? shaped

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