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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • New action RPGs for Android.
  • New story full of untapped potential with colorful archetypes, dialogue, and characters.
  • Introduction of a journey through a vast world that never ceases to change.
  • Create your own incredibly unique character.
  • Combine the astounding art of Pixelon and the incredibly rich story written by Yuji Edogawa of the Light Novel series «Eden’s Desire.»
  • Huge dungeons where you will encounter mysterious enemies and become a tool of destiny.
  • Great action where your development as a character is decided in real time.
  • Addictive gameplay that can continue to challenge you, develop your characters, and which helps you to shake your gaming addiction.
  • Mingle with players around the world, can dynamically change your character based on the desires of the world and local attributes, and has a fascinating story.
  • Discover paths with many different contents.
  • An extremely faithful «PC» experience is being developed! • A constant flow of items and enemies which will not end with the last level. • Various elements, such as random battles, status ailments, enemy drops, experience points, and a degree of difficulty all change each time you play.
  • The New Dungeons Were Made for More Exploration and More Action To Go Along

    The dungeons were made in the game with the mindset that it would be a wide open landscape that changes every time you go in. They have a unique puzzle element that allows you to go into a totally different adventure when you enter the dungeons.

    The dungeons aren’t just simple dungeons with one floor or a floor plan. With varied dungeons, you will find plenty of interesting items, and learning how to decipher new dungeons will be enough for you to always stand out.

    Players who fully complete the game will enter the ultimate dungeon of the Lands Between! Obtain items. Reach a high level. Live again!

    The game’s dungeon has the most lifelike dungeon I have ever seen! Every floor of the dungeon is a different world, each with its own atmosphere and scheme, and puzzles and statues that even exceed any dungeon in other games.


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    ___ ┗─8.8/10 / ▢ 「A huge world and a good story」 by SEGA ┗─8.8/10 / ▢ 「Excellently Created Combat Action and RPG elements」 by PS4 Patch ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「Several things still need to be improved, but they are already quite satisfying as they are」 by Gamespot ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「It was fun to spend time with other people in the same world, regardless of the system the game is played on」 by Gamefront ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「For players who want a solid RPG action game in a small package, the quick battle mode (free to play) may be a good choice」 by IGN Japan ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「It’s a confusing and daunting UI, although the content and features are quite solid」 by GameRant ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「It took me a while to get the hang of using the online features, but after a while I was happy I spent the time to learn it」 by The Game Awards 2017 ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「The RPG elements are high enough to make it enjoyable, and the combat and exploration make it worth your time」 by Rock, Paper, Shotgun ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「A good game for you to play with friends, enjoy the journey together, and even meet up at various points in the adventure」 by The Escapist ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「Fans of the series will be happy to hear there is a new dungeon to explore, as well as plenty of new features to play with while wandering around the theme park-style world.」 by Nintendo World Report ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「An interesting story, lots of freedom in the game, and a lot of fun to play in co-op mode with friends」 by NeoGAF ┗─8.7/10 / ▢ 「It’s actually very fun bff6bb2d33


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    What’s new:

    Various Missions to Skillfully Complete
    A Variety of Battles to Be Challenged
    A Variety of Exploration to Discover Every Detail
    An Overwhelming Possibility to Experiment with Things You Wouldn’t Be Able to Try
    Various Links to Fight and Party with Friends in the Real World
    Fun, Cheerful Graphics with Synthy Music
    A Vast World Full of Excitement
    Create Your Own Character
    An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

    Update history


    Added New Characters Ababhisheka Kim and Guto Bevan


    Added New Character Burmy


    Adjusted Skills

    Updated Skill Rank Values on Characters

    Update Notes


    Meet Guto Bevan

    Meet Ababhisheka Kim

    Announce Guto Bevan as Producer

    Announce Ababhisheka Kim as Producer

    Interview with Bevan and Kim

    Interview with Ababhisheka Kim (part 1)

    Interview with Ababhisheka Kim (part 2)

    Interview with Bevan (part


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    Introduction to the Origin of the Soul The dark circles on the forehead of Tarnished Unique Action RPG in the Rebirth of Ivalice: The Lands Between New Features and Changes The Force Online Multiplayer Story The New Fantasy Action RPG Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace A large World Full of Excitement Explore, Discover, and Develop a Character A Mythological World A Multilayered Story Create and Lead a Community A Vast World Full of Excitement The Lands Between, where the Gods exert their power A Faraway World of Mystery, a gigantic world with a rich history. A large World Full of Excitement Explore, Discover, and Develop a Character A Mythological World A Multilayered Story Create and Lead a Community A Vast World Full of Excitement The Lands Between, where the Gods exert their power This world is vast. With depths that are infinite. In this game, you travel through the Lands Between, a world where the Gods exert their power. If you leave this world, you will never return. Ivalice: A Frozen Giant Of Mythology In order to create the Mythology of the Ivalice, designers surrounded themselves with an endless sea of knowledge and history from the various regions and peoples of the land. If you do not have a purpose, you will be deprived of the meaning of life. In this game, you play as the Lord of Creation. You will not be subject to the malicious grip of this world. You will never experience your own life, that will never be yours. The world is the world, but it is not you. You are the only God. This is Ivalice. Reasons to Buy ELDEN RING from GameKing: * Brand New Fantasy Action RPG with an Original Theme of the Reborn * The Lands Between, a world where the Gods exert their power * 20 Heroes, each of whom has different characteristics and skillsGet breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. WASHINGTON — The final vote was split: 196 to 233. The U.S. Senate on Friday narrowly avoided rejecting


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    System Requirements:

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