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A fantasy action RPG with a fantastic story, in which you can adopt a variety of characters as you explore the Lands Between, from the dour and earnest knight, to the brave and impulsive commoner. Toward destiny: Seek out the ultimate power and obtain the strongest armor and weapons. ELEVEN FEATURES THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU: 1. A VAST WORLD that was UNEXPECTEDLY CANVASSED A vast world that was UNEXPECTEDLY canvassed, the Lands Between was thrown into disorder due to the massive scale of the Elden Ring’s invasion, and even more was left untouched. 2. UNBELIEVABLE 3D DESIGNS The visual aspect of the Lands Between is vast, full of three-dimensional designs and rich color. 3. PEERLESS EXPLORATION The Lands Between can be seamlessly explored as you progress through the world, the hunt for the seven powerful monsters will take you to over 100 dungeons, and further journey to free the Lands Between. 4. UNICORN MIX-IN AVAILABLE Have the player-character mix and match various pieces of armor or magic for personalization. 5. MARVELOUS ENEMY MONSTERS In the Lands Between, the various monsters awaiting you have a variety of attributes, styles and abilities. 6. PEACEFUL LAND In addition to the traditionally active Lands Between, various land compositions, including a new continent, are scattered in the world as you progress. 7. BEAUTIFUL SCENARIOS Scenarios are diverse, including large scale, small scale, and scenarios that possess a massive scale, and how the characters respond is matched with the scenarios and the situation. 8. WORLDWIDE ONLINE PLAY / A FANTASTIC DIVERSION The game supports various online play modes and one-on-one battles, as well as asynchronous online play through various functions. 9. A WELCOMING ARENA That Welcomes You When entering the arena, the arena heroes help you on your way. 10. TOBACCO GREEN PANIC Play with the characters whose preferred food is tobacco, and try to defeat them! (And also, of course, it’s also the hero that has a preference for tobacco, so you can be certain that there will be plenty of comedy).


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • War Boss battles Multiplayer VS mode: Warp in to battle your friends in real-time and get epic rewards!
  • Quest Campaign: Open world adventure quests allow you to advance by your own effort.
  • Ama Orb Battles Players can combine their courage to defeat monsters, using the power of the Ama Orbs.
  • Infinite World Map Play in any region of the map to escape from Story and increase your fame.
  • Maps that You Can’t Get Out of Map in a large area to increase your character’s aspiration level.
  • Brave the EVILNESS Increase your Altar Weapon’s Level by sacrificing to EVILNESS in the darkness of the Demi Soul. Do not be deceived – EVILNESS is extremely dangerous.
  • Perfect Damage by Razing Win by destroying the enemies around you! Did the enemies just get hit by a meteor shower? Or were they all annihilated by the fury of your attack? Are you a monster that stops at nothing? This is Razing!
  • Step-up Stats by Razing A hundred-point damage reduction plus a permanent stat increase that fights in your favor!
  • Watch the Elden Ring trailer for the full experience!