Making a big wooden sphere

I have wanted to make a large sphere from a single section through a log so that the grain is continuous all the way around the sphere. About two years ago, I turned two bowl blanks from opposite sides of the same cherry log. They are now dry and ready to be finished. I needed a little more dimension between the two halves so that they would form a sphere. I made a segmented piece to fit between the two bowl halves. Using the CNC, I cut into the rim of the two bowls and into the new segmented space section, forming a geometric wavy pattern for the segmented section. I wood turned the insert and the two halves into a sphere on the lathe.

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  1. I really like the juxtaposition of the very human 90* angles of the lighter wood and how they're seamlessly part of a very natural looking perfectly imperfect grain of an old tree. I wish I could read those rings sometimes. Just to know it's story. Sometimes you see a little divet in the rings and you think maybe the tree was injured and then it took 12 years to recover. Or whatever the case may be. Really cool video as always Frank.

  2. What a beautiful piece! I also like the idea of a small flat spot on one side of the sphere, so it doesn't need a stand and can freely sit on a surface. A stand would take away from the piece in my opinion.
    I also really like the maple, such gorgeous wood!

  3. I remember in a past video about making spheres, you mentioned that you can end up chasing the sphere on the lathe until there is no material left. The image of removing half the difference made that click for me. Thanks for showing that!

  4. Not bad Frank. I wasn't sure about the ring in the middle at first, but I do like the finished sphere. Don't know why but at first look the Death Star from Star Wars came to mine. Maybe, maybe not? Bottom line, it looks great. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Holiday and stay healthy.

  5. I think you should take this as a design basis for a bowl or storage container rather than just an ornamental object. Carry the "seam" further up from the center on one "side" but don't glue it in place and allow the top portion to be separated. The ridges will prevent the lid from sliding off and you have the perfect place to hide any number of things (candy, coins, lint…whatever you want) from those that are unaware of the functionality of the sphere! You could also create interlocking bowls that nest together but can be separated when needed. Looking forward to more!

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