Kitchen Remodel: Part 14 — Final Wrap Up

Instead of waiting until every last end is tied up on the kitchen project, I decided I would show it off and do a final wrap up. I figured if I waited until every last thing was done, I would never get to this video. I have done many «before and after» video shots of the kitchen to help give a sense of the kitchen remodel. Although the functions of the kitchen are all in the same locations, the transformation is dramatic



Plumbing supply (est)
sink $607.39
fawcett $555
disposal $200


dishwasher $999
range $6,104
blower $799
hood $2199
refrig $2,099.97

Bamboo Revolution $1,055

3cm Stone Inc $3,760

NBH pulls $134.4
slides $150

Outlet covers $50.79

SherwinWilliams $48.44

Crosscuts $194.46
Home Depot (est)

Total $19,854.3

The cost of this project using a contractor and not doing the work myself would be between $60k to $80k.

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  1. Frank, We installed an overhead vent system much like the one you installed (ours is a Gaggenau). it's not so much that the overhead vent mfg's are thinking about 8ft ceilings etc but it's the distance above the stove that is important in order for the vent to work properly. Ours had to be 36" but I squeaked out 37" but would have liked it to be higher. Let us know how it's working out at that height. BTW: I think I've watched every on of your videos and saved the kitchen remodel series for last Time to start some more videos LOL. If you don't have any projects in work I would really like to see some more behind the scenes videos on how you create your videos. GREAT WORK ! ! !

  2. You were talking about having the door of the fridge be at the edge of the counter top.
    Well, you can think of a kitchen much like you would your wood/work shop because a kitchen in a sense is just like a work shop. In a work shop it works best when machines and tools and work surfaces are placed in such a way that it makes it easy and seamless to put together a project. When you want a tool, you know where it is, when you want a machine, it's where it has to be. When you want screws, nuts, bolts and washers, you know where they are and all these things are placed where you are going to need them. A kitchen works the same way. You create meals, a meal is a product. Knives need to be where you're most likely to cut up things, cutting board should also be near the knives. The cutting board and knives should be where you're going to prep food. Pots and pans should be near the stove. Dishes and cups should be kept near the sink where they are washed and put away. They talk about the work triangle. Your kitchen happens to have it. The stove, sink and fridge are in a triangle. When making meals it's nice when things go smoothly and that's what happens when the kitchen is designed well.
    You found that having the handle of the fridge next to the counter top made loading the fridge a breeze and that's what it's all about in a kitchen or a work shop. Things should make sense and work well.
    That old fridge door probably drove your wife nuts having to walk around the door to the counter top every time she put things in it or took it out. I bet she's happier now.

  3. +frank howarth you mentioned this took roughly five months to finish. I'm curious what you and your family did without a functioning kitchen during that time. How did you guys survive and more importantly, how did you wife not kill you for taking away the kitchen? I enjoyed this series very much and am very thankful for your contribution and content! Keep 'em coming!

  4. Not sure if this had been answered before but I would like to know the color and manufacture of your countertops. I am currently in the process of choosing something very similar and I love how yours turned out. Would appreciate any information. Thanks.

  5. Love the finished project. Thanks for sharing, as it will help me in designing a kitchen for myself. Above the fridge… a third shelf that extends over the fridge; but I suspect my belated suggestion is mute.

  6. I am an interior design student and I am interviewing for a kitchen and bath design position. Your video was very helpful. I cannot wait to share some before and after photos of similar projects with you. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  7. Frank, I have LOVED binging your kitchen series. Both your woodworking and video production is brilliant.

    It's funny, one of the very first things I noticed when I first started watching was the position of the handle on your old refrigerator. I wondered how many years you went with the handle on that side. Maybe that was one of the motivations for the renovation!

    Above all, THANK YOU for the inspirational videos!

  8. I have a hard time understanding why your videos get dislikes.
    maybe its the socks and sandals.. Really there is absolutely no reason for anyone to dislike these videos. They are artistic, fluid and come together so nicely.
    This is now my third or fourth time watching and I catch something new every time.

  9. I really admire you for, not only carpentry and willingness to try new things, but your videography. You are an artist at heart. Thanks for sharing this whole project and process. Dooooood! You du man!

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