Glulam Bowl

I wood turned a bowl from glulam beams I saved from the pool house that we demolished to build the shop. I cut an 18 inch square into a circle on the band saw. I worked on the bottom of the bowl first, making the shape and a mortise for the scroll chuck. I finished the bottom completely before I turned the piece around to work on the inside of the bowl. The soft fir cut easily but it was hard to get a good finish on the end grain with the lathe tools. I had to do a lot of sanding, starting with my grinder then to my drill with a sanding pad. I finished the piece with tung oil.

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  1. Very nice uses of a glulam Frank. Also your shop is awesome! I'm try to do a project for Capt Eddie and if you could do a picture with his famous "will work for wood" sign and send it to me it would be great. Check out my last video for details.
    Thanks for the videos

  2. I never would have noticed the glue lines from old to new either had you not said anything ,,looks great , I liked the beam stair case too ,great way to repurpose ,its nice to see !

  3. cool bowl. I love your vids, and I feel like I learn even more from reading the comments section. there's a lot of info flying when your peers chime in. (unrelated to the first part of the comment) what speed are you running to do the clean up on the repair section?

  4. Frank — as usual, I am in awe of your mastery and a little jealous that you get to be so creative all day long. I am wondering  if you'd ever do a video on your failed projects. A woodworker's blooper reel of sorts.  I'm sure that there are times when you try something that just doesn't work. Probably more common earlier in your career I'm guessing but come on, can we see something that makes you more like one of us [weekend schlubs]?

  5. When I was talking to a carpenter friend of mine about woodturning bowls, He told me about this method for hollowing where you make a small jig that plunged a thin chisel into the inside of the workpiece at an angle, resulting in a solid cone of scrap wood that, in his words, can be made into progressively smaller bowls.

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