Cherry Bowl with Spikes

It has been a few years since I have finished a wood turned bowl blank that has had a crack in it. I have used a method in the past where I cut the bowl blank in half on the band saw along that crack. Then I build a new wooden insert to fill that space and glue the bowl blank back together again. Finally, I turn the glued up parts into a finished bowl with an interesting insertion. The space where the crack used to be now celebrates its defect. In this bowl, I made a simple segmented insert to go into the space that I cut out. I then made walnut spikes and attached them along the insert. It was more of an experiment and a fun project. In the end, it doesn’t look too bad but it is a tiny bit silly. What it has given me is a bunch of ideas for doing more of this kind of project. I would like to do something where I attach rough pieces to the outside of the bowl blank and then carve the outside with a grinder or a sanding disc and shape the outside of the bowl with the spikes more organically, while turning the inside of the bowl on the lathe.

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