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Meet Isabela (the endermoke-puma from Mario’s world). She was raised on this planet B.R.O.C.C.L.E.I.S. The planet B.R.O.C.C.L.E.I.S. also known as B.R.O.C.C.L.E. is a beautiful planet filled with cute little vegetables. By an accident some vegetables got into Isabela’s stomach and the death was instant. She wasn’t found by a human until long time after, so she didn’t learn about love. She finds a way to get inside a vegetable and find out they’re a lot of fun. Fighting and killing everyone of them then to steal their food and gather every day more energy to finally reach your goals. In this journey you’ll find lots of firepower and interesting enemies and a new one every time. Extra Info: Why a Manga styled 2D side scrolling shooter? Are you ready for this? Art style, enemy and weapons inspired in classic shooters like Contra, the story is inspired on the Manga «Happy Tree Friends» and of course the back story to our heroine Isabela. We want to make this game really popular and to do that we’ve already got more than half a million in itch.io and we’re trying to finish the project and get it out for big audiences in 2017. In the next update we’ll add more features and touch-ups but this is the status. About Us: Tumble Workz is the brainchild of an indie game dev group based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The group consist of indie game enthusiasts with a lot of skills in the fields of Programming, Game Design, Art Direction and Marketing, among others. We got together on the cold days of December 2016 and worked hard on this project. Tumble Workz is the first step of a series of indies that we are going to develop in the coming years. Frogs Story For Android, iOS and Windows Phone — Local Multiplayer Frogs Story (local multiplayer) — a space battles FPS game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Game is now in Steam Early Access, and starts with a solo campaign mode that provides practice, sandbox, and a boss. New features and campaign will be added in the future. — It’s time to take the fight to the aliens! Face the enemy directly to Earth, or go underground as the Alien forces employ tactics


Features Key:

  • NEW EVENTS!! (Cry of Despair, but don’t worry!)
  • NEW VILLAGERS!! (The queen, a pimp, a strong swordsman, a sober man, etc.)
  • NEW TALENT!! (A Crying mother, an angry zombie, a sleeping skeleton, a cat, etc.)
  • NEW MOTHER!! (A happy and vengeful mother)
  • NEW CHARACTERS!! (A strange young man, a serious Mafia leader, a prince, etc.)
  • NEW VILLAGE!! (A luring town, a Vampire Village!!)
  • NEW PLAYER EQUIPMENT!! (A machine gun, a machete, a sword, a grenade, a bomb, etc.)
  • NEW VILLAGER EQUIPMENT!! (A room, clothing, a watch, a music player, a phone, etc.)
  • DIFFICULTY!! (Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Ultra, Monster, World, etc.)
  • TIMELINE!! (Every week, you can choose what action you should take, every moment)
  • TOURNAMENT!! (The girls will send a message to you each day)
  • GIANTIC ENEMY!! (More than 300 types of pure supernatural powers, each with its own method!)
  • ALPHABETIC SYSTEM!! (A system that allows you to easily input dialog or music; A system that carries out combos from one person to another; A system that allows you to easily control the actions!)
  • CHECK SYSTEM!! (A system that guides you to the right direction)
  • NEW CHARACTER TYPE!! (With AR code support and full voice-overs, and in certain situations, you can see what the character is thinking or feeling)
  • IN-GAME ADVERTISEMENTS!! (Pricing system that changes based on the number of times you have played!)
  • AI!!! (A special mode that changes only when a player is in the village, and not affected by any other player


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    1. Create a new campaign 2. Choose «Retro BGM Set» option 3. Choose from sounds in the set 4. You can add background music using sound editorEbstein’s Anomaly Correction: Are all complete heart block presentations of the same prognosis? We hypothesized that infants with Ebstein’s Anomaly and the symptoms of complete heart block (CHB) have a better prognosis than those with CHB only. A retrospective single institution case series of infants less than 1 year of age diagnosed with isolated Ebstein’s Anomaly. Using the CHB database, medical records and follow-up were reviewed for all those patients with CHB, isolated or associated with other cardiac anomalies, to extract details about hospitalization and progression to definitive treatment. At diagnosis, 11 patients (median age 2.9 months) had isolated Ebstein’s anomaly, 4 patients (median age 0.5 months) had isolated CHB and 3 (median age 2.8 months) had an associated Down syndrome. At 1 year, 3 patients with isolated Ebstein’s Anomaly, 1 patient with isolated CHB and 1 patient with isolated Down syndrome had either died or their management was felt to be inappropriate. There were no differences in demographics between patients with isolated or associated anomalies with CHB. Most infants have persistent CHB and may require treatment with a permanent pacemaker. Infants with isolated Ebstein’s Anomaly have a better prognosis than those with isolated CHB and associated congenital anomalies. t y ( g ) = 7 * j ( g ) + 4 * k ( g ) . L e t u ( d ) = 1 8 * d . G i v e u ( y ( t ) ) . 1 8 * t L e t p ( g ) = 7 * g * * 2 + 9 . L e t u ( v ) = 4 * v * * 2


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