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Immersion Chess is the game of chess reimagined for the 21st Century. With unique features including cloud-powered AI, advanced chess engines, and a fully customizable interface, Immersion Chess offers a level of gameplay unmatched by any other chess-playing software on the market. By the same people who brought you Immersion VR, Immersion Chess features exclusive synchronized user input functionality, a comprehensive opening book, tutorial modes and a whole lot more! * Additional premium content is available via in-app purchase. All game content is provided free of charge. Key Features: 1. AI Difficulty Settings – 11 unique levels of artificial intelligence (AI) difficulty in single player or vs. AI in multiplayer matches. 2. Beating the AI – In the opening phase you will need to choose between the push move and the classic opening lines. You will be up against multiple AI opponents at once, making it essential to select the opening that you believe is the best and most effective for the position at hand. 3. Alternating Themes – Immersion Chess has two distinct theme settings: Winterboard and Sonnet. Whether you want to experience the magic of snow or the evocative poetry of a budding young poet, Immersion Chess will allow you to immerse yourself in two different alternative musical ensembles, including classical, jazz, and electronic renditions of the world’s most beloved sport. 4. A-Z Opening Book – Our A-Z opening book provides players with a comprehensive library of more than 5,500 chess openings all available in real time. This unique, powerful tool allows players to try opening variations before playing their first actual game! 5. Walkthroughs – Immersion Chess has a number of unique tutorials to introduce players to the basics of chess and Immersion Chess. If you’re new to chess, the game’s in-depth starting experience will be sure to get you off to a great start. 6. New Game Profile – A player can change their game profile at any time, easily creating their own unique game profile. The user can modify the game’s various settings including the difficulty of the AI and the visualization of the board, as well as create a personal training schedule and customize the interface. 7. New Game Setup – For the first time in the history of chess, Immersion Chess allows players to choose their preferred chess engine to play against. Do you prefer an aggressive and fast chess engine


SkyJump Features Key:

  • Dress up your character with unique art.
  • A group of NPC’s of the local village.
  • Form a party with up to 8 players for a perpetual campaign where you can go where you want and are constantly learning new things to do.
  • Be immersed in a highly immersive (and photographic) gaming environment.
  • Immediate access to player housing, character sheets, stats and art.
  • An in-depth character customization system where you get to choose every detail to design a unique character.
  • The social portal of Runegear: Find new friends, see what new stuff is going on at the game tables near you and keep in contact with the community.
  • A fully integrated synchronous social layer
  • Multiple settings (North American, German, Russian and English language options)
  • You’re welcome to visit the Dungeon!

  • Each Book of Shadows comes with 4 consecutive numbered hardcover books, 4 dice sets, 4 dice bags, as well as a certificate to say that you got a copy of the Divine (sacred!) Book of Shadows. Do you want to read a Book of Shadows? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to write your name and your reason to play in the Book of Shadows!


    The Book of Shadows is the first game book tailored for amateur D&D. This Kickstarter is a great opportunity for you to get a Roleplaying Game Book before the release in the drive to support the project.

    Book of Shadows is a 2-hour RPG where up to six players get together in a group of dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, lizardfolk and mauve beholder. The Book of Shadows fully contains the most recent edition of revelation’s book of dungeon and dragons which can be found


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    Atmocity is an atmospheric first-person puzzle game featuring an unknown force that fundamentally alters the world around you. You must guide a girl, named Miaka, through the world in a last ditch effort to save her country. Tread cautiously in this game, for it will test your limits as never before. Much will go wrong on this journey, and the twists and turns will leave you cursing, but everything will eventually be alright in the end. With a unique visual style and soundtrack by composer Joshua Szweda, Atmocity provides a refreshing perspective on the puzzle genre, not only through its gameplay, but also with it’s engrossing storyline. Atmocity uses the Source engine and is playable on most Windows PCs. Thank you for your interest in the game. Once you have successfully downloaded the game it must be played though a demo before you can purchase it. The demo is not available anymore and we are sorry about this. But rest assured, we have many games in development, so please visit our website for more information. A note about the End-User License Agreement for the game. If you have not already, please read the full End-User License Agreement included with the download, it is very important to you. You may agree to the license and proceed. This license allows you to install the game once on your computer for personal use. Once the product has been purchased and you are playing, you may not install the game on any other personal computers. If you want to play the game on more than one PC, you must purchase the game again. After you have purchased Atmocity and have successfully downloaded the game it is highly advised that you read the entire End-User License Agreement carefully as described above. *Installation notes: For Mac and Linux users, the game cannot be installed in a folder other than the default “Documents” or “Desktop” folders. If you need to install Atmocity elsewhere, you must first move the game to the default folder before running the install file. ***REQUIREMENTS: Atmocity requires the Direct X 9 or 8 API, which can be downloaded from Microsoft. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0 & 8.1. Mac OS X 10.3 and higher is required. If you have a lower system specification, however, we will try our c9d1549cdd



    Juni 17, 2019 6:44 AM Steam Trading Cards!Game Features The best arcade-style flying, driving, free-running experience in VR! With fast-paced VR action in one of the best-looking games on Steam, Tiger Flight 1 VR is a fan-favorite!Challenge your friends to racing battles, time trials and deathmatches on dozens of tracks in the world’s best arcade-style flying game!FeaturesControls — Local 1-4 players online or in head-to-head multiplayer (1.3.5)Thrilling arcade action with hair-raising VR visuals and commentary from the game’s creators. Check out what the media are saying! “Everything that you would want in a VR racing game is here, making it one of the most polished titles on the market, and likely to become a mainstay title on VR shops.” Steam User Review: -Each track in this update includes a new high-speed, suicide-style boost course!-New character skins are available for Tiger Helper, Holly Boltwood, Captain Deckard and Shipwreck. And much more!Download the latest update from the official site: About Tiger Fighter 1931 TORA!Tora!Tora! MP010 Juni 7, 2019 7:23 PM Steam Trading Cards!Experience the fun, high-flying thrills of jet-packed air combat in Tiger Flight 1 VR on PC and Oculus Rift! After being rescued from the clutches of an evil lord, you awake in an unfamiliar room with an ominous fog covering everything. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, but all you know is that you can’t remember anything! Experience the thrill of flight in the free version of the most addicting VR arcade flying game ever, Tiger Flight 1!Challenge your friends to racing battles, time trials and deathmatches on dozens of tracks in the world’s best arcade-style flying game!With hundreds of challenges, you’ll never be bored! Unlock new heroes, customise your jet, and race with other players from around the world in this single-player or multiplayer multiplayer experience!Controls — Local 1-4 players online or in head-to-head multiplayer (1.3.5) The best arcade-style flying, driving, free-running experience in


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      , Kaji Yuuki, Chihiro Mami Summary: The story starts with Homura secretly observing a hurt and depressed Kaji and Hiyoko while they play. She sees how they treat each other, but soon she must choose: do you love a boy who’s so obviously unhappy that you can’t bear to part with him, or a girl who likes the way you were shown just before your life was shattered? Or maybe it can be both… (this is a c2s drabble fic, who came up with c2s drabbles?) «That boy has a lot of character.» «Don’t I know it!» «Uwaa!» «That furball doesn’t know how to act like a cat.» «He’s better off as a dog then.» «When he talks, he sounds like a little girl.» «That’s just because he’s a boy.» «He’s always in a foul mood.» «So he’s a wimp?» «Yeah and it’s why he’s so popular.» «I can’t believe he’s wearing my sweater.» «What!?» «He’s wearing my sweater.» «Why the hell did you not tell me about this?!» «I tried to, but you kept hitting him.» «I didn’t hit him! I just tried to stop him from having anything to do with that goose.» «Uwaa!» «That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!» «He’s being stubborn, what he needs to do is learn a lesson.» «I never said I wanted to learn a lesson.» «You’ll end up like me when you grow up.» «What the hell is wrong with you?!» «It’s got to be a kitty sweater, she’s cute too and now she’s sitting on that goose’s back.» «Stop it! Don’t touch the goose!» «It doesn’t mind. It likes humans for their food,» «You are no longer dealing with a cat, you are dealing with a goose. This is the tip of the iceberg,» «He’s hurting her! He has to do something now!» «How do you expect me to put my paw on an animal’s head?» «It’s not


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      In Disc Creatures, you’re a young boy who has mysteriously been dropped into a deep abyss by a witch. Now, you must collect the Disk of Destinies, defeat the monsters who stand between you and the witch, and escape before the witch returns. Key Features: — Discover the stories, personalities and music of the Disk of Destinies in dozens of memorable locations, including the legendary Tower of Winds, the Abyssal Caverns, and the Dark Grove of Distant Memories. — Fight a diverse range of monsters, including winged giants, floating stones, and centaurs with long horns. — See your Quest logbook filled with interesting insights and dialogues between characters as you travel through the world. — Collect and build the best weapons and armor to defeat the monsters that stand in your way. — Evolve, change and grow into a better hero over the course of your quest as you collect new equipment and personal secrets. — Record and replay your adventures to check your progress and experience with new friends. You will get Disc Creatures on Windows, macOS and Linux. System Requirements: Computer: — UAC and User Account Control settings must be enabled. — Minimum of 4GB of RAM. — The game is tested to run on Windows 10 64bit systems. — It also runs on macOS versions 10.12 and above and on Linux systems with libGL v1.2. — A screen resolution of at least 1280×720 is required. — Please ensure your system has at least 8 GB of free hard disk space available. If you do not have sufficient disk space, the Steam installation will tell you that you have enough free disk space before the installation begins. — It is recommended that you have at least two monitors for full enjoyment. — Please ensure your computer meets the system requirements: To find more info about your computer: * Game cannot be played in offline mode. — Graphics settings may need to be adjusted depending on your computer. — Power saving mode may need to be turned off. — Disc Creatures does not support SLI (Scaling for multiple graphics cards). — Supporting Gamepad is a


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    • Edge of the Abyss — AWAKEN: Character Pack-4.5. Edge of the Abyss — AWAKEN: Character Package 9.13.2.
    • Edge of the Abyss — AWAKEN: Hacked Character Pack 9.13.2.
    • Skyrim Character Pack for Edge of the Abyss: Awaken — Character Pack.
    • Skyrim Character Pack for Edge of the Abyss: Awaken — Character Pack.
    • Skyrim Performance Loader (SPL) for Edge of the Abyss: Awaken — Character Pack.
    • Skyrim Performance Loader (SPL) for Edge of the Abyss — Spartan Skins.

    Character Layers on Youtube:

    For best quality and a better performance: A1 Nvidia, SLI Nvidia, GTX Ultimate, GTX Titan:

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