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“A foolproof, dumbed down take on the adventure genre – with a dash of romance.” –JayIsGames Perfect for players that want a quick play-through of exciting, dramatic, often humorous situations, but also love a cute story! A game about friendship! A game about growing up! Make friends! Reconnect with those people you’ve lost touch with over the years! Help your friends! In fact, help them to the point they can help you! After finishing school, you’ve grown apart from your childhood friends, including your best friend Kyoko. You don’t really want to admit that you’ve fallen out of contact too, but there’s little choice. What is it about Kyoko that has bothered you for so long? And how can you fix things? How can you make amends? From the depths of the sea, the island appears! You’re back! You’re home! This is great! Or is it? You’re probably in for a fun and funny story about growing up, about friendship, about getting reconnected with old friends, about what it means to live alone in a busy city… with a bit of romance! Grape Jelly features: ● A great narrative! ● A cute story that will connect you with the characters you meet along the way! ● You can tell your own story! ● You’ll meet all kinds of characters during the game, including a crazy priest, a playful Prince, a boorish builder, and a city full of people getting ready to welcome you! ● Meet a lot of people! ● Play a bunch of different roles, including a food truck chef, a high school sweetheart, and a police dog! ● You’ll also get to save lives! If your friends are in danger, you’ll be able to provide support! ● You’ll also get to take part in a variety of activities. Sometimes you’ll be sent out to secure the lines of communication in a crisis… ● You can read about the many activities you’ll get to play in an activity journal! ● Play through the story in different ways depending on your actions! ● Enjoy gorgeous 2D artwork! ● The game’s opening screen uses 3D


Features Key:

  • Up to 5 players online (Or single-player if you want)
  • Shared worlds
  • Create your own character
  • Build your own house
  • Fight zombies
  • Build a dog army
  • Drive trains
  • Blast holes in your walls
  • Buy furniture
  • Free roam, wide open spaces
  • Dig, mine, destroy, build, command.
  • Towns with shops, friends with social features
  • Store your items with my persistent journaling
  • Here’s What You Have Achieved With Technobytch:

    • 20 Cross-platform region free games
    • 2 Teaching/Business games (with a feature rich teaching and world building simulation)
    • 2 Educational games (with 2D graphics)
    • 1 Single-player simulation/adventure game
    • Fractures — A physics based puzzler
    • Crimson Breach and Dying Light
    • The Ones Below
    • Stormlands, which was made indepently from Technobytch
    • Ironclad New Haven
    • Depth
    • Purna Immanence (out soon)
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