Making a Cherry Bowl with Spikes

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I have had spikes on my mind. I added spikes to a monolithic cherry bowl rough that I turned 2 years ago. In this project, I turned the inside of the bowl to a finished round shape and sanded it to 600 grit to make a polished wooden surface. I then attached walnut blocks to the outside of this cherry rough. I hand-carved the outside of the bowl with a hand grinder with carving attachment. I formed the walnut blocks into the spikes creating a bowl with a more free-formed spiky outside and a turned, very smooth, very geometric inside. I think it looks a little like a sea creature.

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  1. You mentioned changing the 'joint' between the spikes and bowl, but what about modifying the base of the spikes? Have a transition wood that's not parallel, or more 'engineered' with some layered material. Maybe even layer up a material, turn it on the lathe, and use as spikes…. Endless possibilities!

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