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Jump Off The Bridge is a precision platformer with an emphasis on difficulty and world design. FEATURES: 35+ Levels of increasing difficulty 7 Journey to the West Themed Levels MegaBoss levels that are challenges in themselves Extreme Level Variety Retro Sounds Sculpted Worlds, Designed by More Than 9 Hours to complete Multiplayer Option Planned Gameplay Updates Simple yet fun to play, Jump Off The Bridge will challenge even the most seasoned platformer fan. It is an homage to the retro-platformer genre in general, as well as the titles that inspired me growing up. ============ Note: This game was originally released on Facebook and was later ported to Google Play. Some of the content released on Facebook is not available for Google Play. Below you will find the link to Jump Off The Bridge on Facebook. ============ Note 2: I’m currently working on a 7.0 update for Jump Off The Bridge, which will include the following; -Remastered Retro Gameplay Style! -Modernized Controls -New Music -More Challenging Levels -Various New Enemies -Enemy AI -Improved User Interface ====== Patience is key, as this game is very new and could be buggy. If you enjoyed the game, feel free to leave a review on Google Play! Thank you. If you would like to send me a message or leave me a review/comment for the game, here are my contact details. Email: gopherlad92@gmail.com Google Plus: Twitter: Facebook: ====== ============ Note 3: This game will be coming to Xbox One in the future, but will be after the 7.0 update has been released. I am currently working to port all content to the Xbox One and will provide details once it is complete. ============ Note 4: I do not own the music rights for this game. Although, I do provide it free of charge for the fans out there. ============ Note 5: The dev log for Jump Off The Bridge is posted here for all of those who would like to




Purplis Sandbox Features Key:

  • An epic themed RPG, similar to Fate and Baldurs Gate!
  • A 600,000+ word story full of comedy, grief, betrayal, intrigue, and most importantly…stardom!
  • Multiple paths to victory, each with their own rewards
  • Play the game and give yourself a chance to become the galaxy’s greatest hero
  • Balcony mode features to help you get on the hook mode experience. (See Fix The Bouncer for more info)
  • Hire bodyguards, alien spies, and the world’s most accursed assassins
  • And of course, the banhammer!!


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A Russian state of the Art FPS, with a submachine gun, a RPG and a rusty Lada. Full of unexplored areas, secrets and paths. Get lost or get killed. Welcome to an unknown Russia. АйГуст (Казань) Лада (Салаты) О’Реля (Казань) РИК-33 (Иркутск) Запрещенный город (Москва) UAV, Player Statistics, etc. Бесплатные такие вещи как Sound, Music, Ads, etc. Музыка и звук используется в производстве. Не помните, кто и создал такую вещь как РИК-33? Playlist: Ты можешь сильно это похоронить в дегенерации и просто перестать потечь. Если случишь, то получишь полную картину белый круг в память. Я не знаю вы сможете c9d1549cdd


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Download the game’s description here: Download the game’s demo here: The Seven Stages is the combination of a survival-horror game with the puzzles that made up David Macaulay’s escape the room games. The Seven Stages allows the player to find the clues and use their skills as they work together to escape. There is a nice story that plays out and all the puzzles are based off of the seven stages of a persons life, or a persons’ emotions. This game was created with the Unity game engine. For any inquires e-mail: contact@vimstudios.com Our website: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: If you’re into the video then consider dropping me an email to: Please check out the videos my family and I have made the last couple of months: My most recent video: Rottie intro video: Rottie house: Human proof: Beats Intro: Beats Box intro: Time lapse: Costume: Rottie «English


What’s new in Purplis Sandbox:

    ; Unknown Dreams is a game about … Unknown Dreams is a game about heroism that strips away all the moral ambiguity of its genre to reveal something fundamentally and unexpectedly different. — Indie Game: The Movie, 2012 Unknown Dreams is a game about heroism that strips away all the moral ambiguity of its genre to reveal something fundamentally and unexpectedly different. » NEWS unknowndreams.com Unknown Dreams (.WAKE) — IndieGameCentral.com Unknown Dreams. WAKE is an independent, 2D, pixel art, action adventure where you play as a brave soldier, kicked out of his unit and given 3 days to find the headquarters of the Great Oblivion before he dies. First month free on the WAKE website. Thanks and see you on the battlefield. / Unknown Dreams Unknown Dreams gameplay — rayman.org Note: To jump to the gameplay, skip to 5:15 in the video. I recommend using the YouTube HTML5 player to see the game in all its gloriousness, because the … Your gateway to Unknown Dreams — WET® Online Magazine Hi everyone! Please read on for an overview of one of the most anticipated indie games of 2014: “Unknown Dreams”. The title is inspired by the classic video game: Aladdin, in this game you get a …:59:00.085461″, «user»: { «login»: «galactus», «id»: 3242129, «avatar_url»: «», «gravatar_id»: «», «url»: «», «html_url»: «», «followers_url»: «», «following_url»: »


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    • More than 10 types of lawn mutations that give you a real challenge. • 5 types of insidious bosses with unique abilities • Blow, shoot, destroy and get rid of obstacles’ debris to clear your way • You don’t want ordinary lawn mowers? You can play with animals. There are many animals in the game: from cows and sheep to beautiful fairy unicorns. • Upgrade the skill system, and they will make you stronger, provide an additional chance to win in case of looming defeat, and also increase your income from victories! • The world around us is quite alive, sometimes it reacts to what is happening, and sometimes conceals its secrets and mysteries GAME PLOT: Xtract Grass company develops a new kind of grass for lawns. The project is based on the experimental “leavenatine” substance that accelerates growth of grass and guarantees a luxurious lawn in no time! Company to release the product, without the necessary tests. The lawns brings huge profits. But the CEO of Xtract Grass has no idea about the error that was already made and about the approaching apocalypse. That’s too much of “leavenatine” was added to the DNA of the grass. Lawn monsters are want to enslave the entire world! Burning or eliminating monsters using conventional methods is not possible. Bodies of the monsters are full of components that infect other plants. There is only one way out: all Grass Xtract lawns must be cut! The game is made in a cubic retro-style, has high complexity at advanced levels and is ready to truly test your reaction! Praise “Grass Cutter”: “Grass Cutter” is a nice game and a classic for fans of the genre. I liked a lot, the atmosphere in this game – all the elements are so well crafted. All this is supplemented by beautiful graphics in the game. At first glance, I was confident in the level and expected to finish it in the shortest time. But then the weight of the game begins to increase in the face of me. The game is based on these rules: • Evil guys are walking on the lawn, which is moving with the speed of a lawn mower. • You have a lawn mower. You can cut the grass. • To rescue a woman from the monsters, the grass must be cut at the right time. • You need to


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System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows Vista Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 (1 GB VRAM) DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Recommended: Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 (2 GB VRAM) DirectX: Version 9.



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