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Name Fury Fighter VR
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The way to the labyrinth of Gaia is closed. She is so deep that it has taken thousands of years for a human being to come up to the surface. Within the labyrinth lies a central core of the earth. And there they have imprisoned the only true Queen: Gaia. A dangerous threat: The living Elemental stones, that are threatened by an eternal sleep. Only the young Hero of Gaia can free her. He must return to the Heart of Gaia. But before he goes, he has to find five orbs of natural power — the Elemental Stones. To do so, he must unlock the labyrinth. But on his way there, he will come across peculiar inhabitants of the labyrinth and enigmatic ornaments of unknown meaning. Share all the secrets of the labyrinth with your friends and compare them on the worldwide leaderboards! The main features of Journey: • 8-Bit graphics reminiscent of classic adventure games of the 80’s and 90’s. • Characters and items for loot in puzzles. • 60 hours of wonderful and exciting gameplay. • Over 10 challenging mini-games. • Numerous achievements and high scores. • Superimposed Leaderboard with world rankings. • English voice over. • Facebook and Google+ leaderboard. Recommended: — Free Android 4.4 and above. — You need a device with 2GB RAM for Android 4.4+ — Updated USB drivers — Android version 7.0 or above. What’s New: iMax Mobile and Rocking Frogs have worked really hard on this release, and after a lot of dedication and effort, they now present their very first mobile adventure game: Journey to the Heart of Gaia! The game has been developed by Eggtale, and it took us some time to get that masterpiece ready for your pleasure. The game will be great for free! We hope you like it! We hope you like the changes, and we ask you to tell us your opinion about them. We already read some of your comments and answers on our Facebook page. We would also like to thank all the dedicated users who supported the game in the past, and especially the iMax Mobile page, that had over 1.000.000+ followers and provided a huge boost in our growth. You rock! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Facebook or on iMax Mobile. Requirements — Android 2.3-4.0 — 2GB RAM minimum — Android 7.


Features Key:

  • Features rich graphics
  • Multiple game modes
  • Original music
  • Achievements
  • How to Play the game?

    In this game, you have to easily battle the mix of game. It is simply the hazard of the game.

    Directions to play:

    You have to open the maze in each star system that you want to pass through. When the maze is open, then you can also obtain the resource in that star system. Try to collect as many resources as you can in a maze.

    Game controls:

    • Left click to move the ship
    • Hold down left click to open the tunnel
    • Hold down right click to open the path to the destination.

    Game information:

    • Game mode: Single player
    • Game release date: 20 January 2012
    • File size: 753.67 KB
    • Files: Evil Maze — The Enemy of Abyss

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    Download related game info

    MOD EDIT — Evil Maze — The Enemy of Abyss

    Requires an Apps, iOS, or macOS device with:


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      Gameplay: Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a finely tuned mixture of power management, combat and diplomacy. It’s the most finely tuned mix of power management, combat and diplomacy of any strategy game I’ve ever played. If you’ve played a strategy game before, you’ll get right to the point, right to the action. If you haven’t, get out of my way and let me kick your ass because I love kicking your ass. This is a game that lets you kick some ass, a game that lets you kick some ass while at the same time advancing a beautiful, intelligent AI system, taking the back seat to no one. Multiplayer: Multiplayer: Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries supports local, global and multicast multiplayer on a number of platforms. You’ll be fighting against the AI for control of the board, and the online multiplayer does not require you to have a router in your network, as you’ll be fighting with a modem or wireless router as your interconnect. You can also download new challenges to the game at any time. The AI is smart enough to know when to fall back from a fight, and to leave the fight to you. You’ll win every time. (But don’t go telling all the soccer moms that the ‘we won!’. You’ll get a dozen stink-eye stares.) Multiplayer: seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries includes a battle mode for the single player experience that brings players face to face with a real opponent instead of an AI opponent. You can play any of the six game types for an intense online battle. Or you can fight against one or more players via direct invite or the common practice of playing to let your friends kick the crap out of you (and you do have the option to not let the AI kick your ass.) Artistic Impression: Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries gives the impression of a strong and complex Empire behind its simple presentation. At the same time, the game offers a variety of different empires that offer diverse strategies. Artistic Impression: Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries gives the impression of a strong and complex Empire behind its simple presentation. At the same time, the game offers a variety of different empires that offer diverse strategies. Overall Impression: Overall Impression: Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a beautifully crafted game of empire building, power management, and strategy. It’s a game that requires deep attention. The combat, the trade


      What’s new in Fury Fighter VR:

      Metro Explosion Simulator, known as ‘Metro Missile’ in Europe, is a first-person shooter video game for the SEGA Game Gear, Game Boy, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, and Amiga. It was designed by David Zimmer for Mansoft and published by SEGA in 1989, while the SEGA Game Gear version was created by David Niizuma for Sega under the name «Metro Strike» in 1990. The objective of the game was to run as far as possible from the fast-moving missiles, the faster you move, the more distance you cover. Unlike most games of its genre, which focus on the universe of a particular game (such as Mortal Kombat), or the game’s own fictional universe (like Doom), this game is set on the game board itself. In the SEGA Master System version, the Game Gear version’s main character wears a power suit and gets equipped with missiles to defeat the enemy by shooting them. In the SEGA Game Gear version, the SEGA Master System version’s official instruction manual makes note of the missiles, mentioning that the player is equipped with «a powerful ray that drills through the enemy armor». The SEGA Game Gear version’s instruction manual mentions the SEGA Master System version only. It is the eighth of the Interplay titles to use the name «METAL», the naming structure for SEGA’s selection of titles. The only ones that have not used the «METAL» name are Rambo 2: The Commando, G-Police, and Crazy Taxi. Gameplay In first-person shooter games such as Metro Missile, the player assumes the viewpoint of a character, usually a male since the game was released for the Master System (as indicated by the instruction manual). The character dashes through each level, avoiding the rapidly advancing projectiles known as «missiles». Depending on where the player is when a missile hits, the character may survive with more or less damage, or may sustain fatal damage and instantly die. Playing the game as a fast moving player will cause the slower-moving enemy missiles to crash into the ground, exposing portions of the game board that previously could be covered. Accompanying this, the game takes a route where the character must go from one end of the game board to the other, and the player must travel that route while avoiding the incoming enemy missiles. If the player moves slowly enough, then he or she will survive and stop the enemy missiles from hitting the ground. Instead,


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