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AutoCAD is a product of Autodesk, Inc. (formerly Autodesk, Inc. and AutoCAD), a company incorporated in the State of Delaware with its headquarters in San Rafael, California. The first version of AutoCAD was developed in 1982 by Ben Fry and John Showstack. Autodesk acquired Fry’s company, New York-based John Thomas Design, in 1992. John Thomas Design developed AutoCAD and released it in December 1982. History [ edit ] The original concept for AutoCAD was a CAD program written for the Xerox-based Microcomputer Company Workstation. This program was written by Charles Showstack and Brian Hinton.[3] The workstation, which resembled a large desktop light table, provided a physical interface for drafting tasks. It included input devices for drafting tools, a built-in optical plotter, and the ability to perform imaging-related tasks.[4] This system, however, never reached production. The Microcomputer Company Workstation became the TPS-80 and was released to the public in 1978. In 1980, Charles Showstack and John Thomas Design licensed the Microcomputer Company Workstation CAD program to Xerox, which rebranded it as the Workstation. [5] In 1981, the software project stagnated, and Autodesk, Inc. acquired the rights to the Workstation.[5] A new development team was assembled, led by Ben Fry and John Showstack. The development team began planning the release of the Workstation CAD system. The basic elements of the new program, including architecture and user interface, were laid down in the early 1980s.[6] The original design concept for the Workstation CAD was a single-user program with a dumb terminal-like interface. The user would use a mouse, keyboard and drafting tools to edit a drawing. The user would then save a file which would be stored locally on the Workstation.[7] In 1982, Autodesk released Workstation as a product on the microcomputer workstation market. The product included the Workstation CAD software, a microcomputer with an internal graphics card, and a mouse.[8] The Workstation was a product of the EOS operating system developed by the New York-based company EOS Systems, which was acquired by Empro in 1988. Autodesk purchased the rights to this operating system from Empro in 1990. In 1982, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2.0 for the

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OLE Automation In AutoCAD, objects are represented by objects. These objects are the same for all of the different file types. In the source code, they are represented in a class hierarchy called the «Entity class». This class hierarchy is used to «wrap» objects, such as: screen tips, block instances, entities, splines, and instances of Dynamic Input Manager dialogs. These objects are accessible from the user interface through a property grid, from the code editor through the Automation namespace and various functions. In the editor, it is possible to generate a proxy class for an object. This makes it possible to manipulate the object, either by the user interface or by the code editor, and communicate with the wrapped object using its wrapper class. This concept of object encapsulation can be extended to non-object entities, such as, pages, layout views and other user interface widgets. In AutoCAD, it is possible to create user interfaces which can simulate user input. An example is: Tracing AutoCAD has facilities for tracking surfaces and edges through the use of Xrefs and Xrefed entities. Xrefs, or Xrefs for short, were first introduced in AutoCAD 2007. Xrefs are used to track the change of geometry of an object. To facilitate easy Xref management, both the Xref property and the Rave function can be used to perform a one-click Xref. Xrefed entities are a feature introduced in AutoCAD 2011. Xrefed entities are entities with associated data that tracks the reference of the entity. Xrefed entities are used to track the change of geometry and are stored in both the model and the drawing. Xrefed entities can be used to create a simple database where the change history of a drawing can be used to track changes to geometry. History AutoCAD was introduced in 1981. It is the first application of its kind. Its development was financed by the Italian firm Autodesk. Following the success of AutoCAD in the home market, Autodesk launched it in the professional market in 1991. It remains one of the top products. In 2001 Autodesk was acquired by The Carlyle Group. In 2013, after having been hit by the economic crisis in 2008, Autodesk was sold to private equity firm Carlyle for $2.83 billion. Products Desktop applications There are a number of different applications that ca3bfb1094

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## **Understanding the Screen** Autodesk Internet Fax (I-Fax) is a convenient and free service that can send faxes and receive e-mails to and from your recipient without the need for sending a hard copy of a document. I-Fax uses the AutoCAD Services feature to send faxes. In order to use the I-Fax service, you must have a valid Autodesk license or activation key. You can fax a single page, multiple pages, or multiple pages with a picture (see Figure 8.54). * * * **Figure 8.54** The I-Fax Service window.

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Support for display styles as annotations on layout drawings. (video: 1:43 min.) Workspace management for efficiency. Add a set of parameters to your workspace to make your drawings faster and more accurate. (video: 1:28 min.) Batch modeling with a redesigned Drag and Drop interface. Generate Revisions: Create a set of changes to your drawing by generating a revision using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Generate multiple revisions for multiple parts of your drawing at once. Navigation History: Save time and retain navigation history by automatically creating a location history and applying it to your drawings. Architectural Drafting: Create a set of changes to your drawing by generating a revision using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Generate multiple revisions for multiple parts of your drawing at once. Export: Convert and export your designs to other CAD programs and bring them back into AutoCAD. Drawings Import and Manage: Import, archive, and manage CAD drawings easily. Collaborate with others via e-mail and collaborate in real-time by drawing in a shared drawing space. (video: 1:24 min.) Create a shared drawing space with Autodesk 360. Import and manage drawings from others. Create and manage drawing libraries. Real-time access to editable shared drawing spaces. Search, filter, and navigate through drawing libraries. Export drawings to other applications. 360 and Web Connectivity: Access 360 and web services from within the application. Launch a drawing from the App Cloud by using drawing URLs. Create a drawing from a cloud-based mobile device. (video: 1:24 min.) Create and manage link libraries. Troubleshoot and recover from any lost connectivity. Mobile: Access and edit drawings on the go with the new iOS and Android app. View and navigate drawings on mobile devices. Import models and assemblies from the app. Synchronize with web and desktop, or draw from a cloud-based mobile device. (video: 1:24 min.) Add shapes, fillets, constraints, and fills. Import CAD drawings from other CAD and sketching programs. Dynamically add interactivity to AutoCAD.

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OS: Windows 10 64bit / Windows 8.1 64bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz / AMD(R) FX-8320E Eight-Core Processor Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon R9 Fury X DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 21 GB available space How to install: Step 1: Download the «Ultimate Mega Man 1-5» game from the link below and save

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