Kitchen Remodel: Part 15: Breakfast Bar — Part A

I am finally getting back to the kitchen build — the last thing to finish is the breakfast bar. I had the support for the back splash behind the stove made before the counters went in. Now I will make a set of cubbies and a wood panel to cover the back of the stove. The cubbies are a simple set of shelves for the kids’ homework. The wood panel will have a vent cut in it for a return air vent that is under the kitchen cabinets and an access door for the gas shut off valve for the stove. Both of these are cut with the CNC wood router.

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1 — introduction

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  1. You said that you had to do a bit of running around to get black screws for the kick plat heating grill, next time just screw the tips of regular screws into some cardboard and use the same spray paint you used on the grill. I also had an idea for the bottom of the shelves. Route out the bottom (leave the edges of the shelf bamboo) to receive a plexiglass panel. Cut the panel to size and sand it opaque. place the sanded portion toward the shelf in order to aid in cleaning.

  2. Did you add a new camera or lens? The bokeh in some of the shots look like you green-screened yourself into your shop.

    Instead of a knob for the door, I might do a small desk-style lock. This would discourage children from playing with the gas shut-off valve. I imagine that you guys are there to stay for a bit, but if I were a prospective buyer with kids, that kind of thing would matter to me.

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