Segmented Woodturning and the Pantorouter

I have wanted to introduce curves into the patterns of segmented woodturning. Kuldeep Singh offered to send me one of his all metal pantorouters and I thought this would allow me to cut curves into the patterns of segmented turning. I started with a maple bowl I rough turned about a year ago and added a walnut ring to the top. I then used the pantorouter to make 12 holes in the bowl as well as the plugs to fit perfectly in those holes. I tuned to bowl ring and rain drop shaped plugs on the lathe into a finished 14 inch diameter bowl.

Kuldeep Singh’s Pantorouter

everything you might want to know about the origins of this design

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  1. Theres F Lloyd wright, F Gehry and now F Howarth!
    I have watched pretty much all your bowl building videos and have been amazed by them. Even before I went to your website I thought to myself I bet this man is an architect……
    I thought it would be marvellous to combine one of those splattery natural edged style bowls (with the jagged wavy edges) with a segmented top section. Can you get the cnc to cut the exact same curve on a lower and an upper section, in a 360 degree round form, so they meet up nigh on perfectly?
    I have a much smaller more modest shop arrangement, but am still inspired to be more inventive after seeing your work. I am trying to devise a way to make up a blank from a continuous "roll" of staves that vary in thickness (as growth rings do), but in a spiral, with a view to doing a natural edge type form. I was brought up around dry stone walls in rural North England, and would like to get that raw rough aesthetic into a turned segmented piece

  2. I like the shot from the inside of the bowl when you're routering it.
    Also love when you do a time lapse of lathing, so it looks like the object just becomes magically lathed as it sits there.

  3. I love watching you make the bowls. You are amazing and very clever. The cloud bowl made me think about camouflage. Could you make a bowl using a few different colors of wood to look camouflage? Or maybe just a ring around. Even an animal print or polka dots would be fun. I could watch them all day. Thanks for the videos and keep up the great work.

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