wood turned cedar stool

In this video, I wood turn a large piece of port orford cedar into an outdoor stool. I had trouble cutting the piece into a cylinder on the band saw, but I got it close enough to put on the lathe and turn. It is a two ended stool with a carved out center section, making the stool look like a spool or giant wooden diabolo toy.

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  1. Hi Frank! That's a huge piece of wood. I am sort of surveying great wood turners in YouTube to check what is the power of their lathe engines. I am about to buy my lathe and I wanted to have an idea of what should I shoot for. So, how many HPs does your lathe have? Thanks for the video, nice to see your kids enjoy the stool. Best regards, Daniel

  2. I wonder if it would be possible to make a sphere water fountain out of wood (If you google something along those lines, I'm sure you'd understand what kind of fountain I mean.). That could be awesome.

  3. Terrific video, Frank! I really like the various special effects you used. How did you do the thing where it looked as if you fastened the camera onto the side of the work and ran the lathe? Is that actually what you did?

  4. Nice. 🙂 I was wondering one thing. You keep saying that you keep your half-done bowls for a few years to get them dry and they often crack. I also see that you are not a garage DUYer, you have a lot of expensive equipment AND a specialized shop. Why not install a drying kiln? It'll shorten the drying time and should reduce cracking.

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