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• Combine 10 nations, each one with its own particular cuisine, with 30 different recipes. • Realistic Physics inside the kitchen. The screen will be 3d and true to scale. • Become a great chef with professional skills! • 40 different skills inside and outside of the kitchen! • Plan recipes at home and practice, always improving! • Do not forget to share your results! • Made by an independent game development studio • Download the game today, open your heart and have fun! Created with the support of the scene program and the editorial staff of Cineuropa contents of • World map. • Magazine to print recipes. • Tutorial in the menu. • Analyze your game statistics. • Achievements. • Order the game for your PC, Mac or phone and download it for free! iOS Download: Android Download: ___________________________________________ Hot Pot VR is an exciting entertainment VR experience where you can become a great chef in the kitchen. Immersive 3D graphics and best VR handling. * Realistic Physics * Relive history * Play 30 levels * Be the best chef * Enjoy special effects ___________________________________________ Praise from the critics «With Hot Pot VR you have the feeling of having entered the kitchen, come to live all your favorite recipes, not to forget to cook and go through your ‘hotpot’ history, that has traditionally occupied every housewife and mother. You can follow a recipe in a cooking guide or practice your skills, making different combinations. » «How can you not fall in love with the interactivity of the recipe, how can you not get lost in the world of Hot Pot and enjoy all the graphics of the game and the variety of the recipes? » «Hot Pot is a game that you can do for relaxation, you can entertain your friends, you can enjoy your family and, above all, you can meet the world, a love story that takes place throughout several countries, a story in which cooking will be the bond that unites all: from the exotic to the simple pleasures. » «Hot Pot it is the perfect game! » Download, enjoy and share! P.S.To unlock all the options to


Features Key:

  • Level up your character. In one of the scenes there is a portable traditional way of pot and a modern advanced hot potting simulation which features a mobile, indoor design.
  • Dive into fantasy: Solve puzzles in puzzles and demons on endlessr.
  • Savage activities. Beast out everywhere with T-Bone, a powerful tribe of animals.
  • Go solo or engage in multiplayer gaming with your friends.
  • The main characters

    In hot pot VR, there are four main characters.

    You can fight the fuzz with T-Bone and destroy demons for world domination.

    Called Gobly 2.0, T-Bone is the leader of the first of the 5 tribe’s and has only one goal: world domination! He has incredible powers such as the ability to power up any weapon and critical hits to enhance the attack process.

    Morland the King, his right-hand man, is the head warrior of the Demon Tribe. What Morland lacks in charisma, he makes up for in battle prowess, demon hunting and killing skills.

    Ludvin, of the wolf tribe, is the master of traps. He is here to sweep the landscape of monsters and demons in any way possible.

    Echo, the rabbit tribe, is the master of defense. She is very sensitive to sound. She makes use of this sensative gift to counter attacks by hunters and demons.

    How to Play

    Pilot the game:

    As the pilot, you are able to control 5 characters, command them and lead them to kill enemies on the map. Wherever you «hug» an object, your character stands still and holds it like a magnet. Meanwhile the arrow appears on your healthbar and the character button is lit up. When you push the character button, your character gets intereted by it and gets control of it. Arby, it is possible to teat from the object itself too.


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    Welcome to the Hot Pot VR Game, the most delicious cooking simulator game ever! Cook in our 3D kitchen, collect ingredients to prepare your recipes in the most creative way. Drizzle butter, salt, and pepper on hot steaming food! You need to be quick and attentive to your work as the timer will run and you will have to put your recipes together before the cooking time runs out! You can play Hot Pot VR game free on Oculus Go and on HTC Vive with Oculus and HTC Vive Link. Game also works with the headset Google Cardboard. COMING SOON: MUSIC VIDEO / You can also check out our music video “Hot Pot” starring our lead singer Hongchun! WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK Thank you so much for playing Hot Pot VR! We look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts about the game as we continue to refine and perfect it. Please visit our website at for more info. OTHER HOT POT GAME: Hot Pot VR TOWN In Hot Pot VR: Town, you will become the next great French chef, preparing delicious meals in Paris, London and Tokyo! Other information about the game: Available on Oculus Go and HTC Vive with Oculus and HTC Vive Link Available on Google Cardboard Playable on PlayStation 4 system with Playstation VR Playable on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest Download Hot Pot VR on Steam Follow us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Follow us on Instagram @hotpotvrgame Check out for more information Music by Mamed Masroor and Alex Besserman. Music licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0: Vocal: Alex Besserman Music: «Engine» by TheGreatDJ ( Voices: «Hot Pot» by Mamed Masroor Special thanks to American Pie, Community Blooms, Duels Brothers, and Ubisoft for their support and their help to make this game possible. The more you play Hotpot (online & offline) the more you will learn and improve! d41b202975


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    In this game it will be possible to prepare a wide range of dishes attheir own food truck! You will travel the world with the Food Truck, whereyou will be able to prepare more than 50 recipes and each one will present differentfeatures, like ingredients, utensils, recipes, etc.. They will have to makethe best use of these items in order to be able to use all of them to make anadrobal meal. Features of the game: — You will have to go through more than 30 levels. — You will be able to prepare various dishes with different ingredients. — You will be able to use more than 5 different utensils, using a lot offorce in order to complete each recipe as well as to make the best dishespossible. — In story mode you will be able to learn more than 30 different recipesand use them to the fullest by becoming a cook with a food truck. — In the free mode you will have access to the same features and many moreas well as to learn or try a recipe from the story or free mode. — You will be able to improve your cooking skill by making trials andsharing your recipes with your friends through the Social Network aspect in thegame. GAME DETAILS: PLAY MODE: — Story Mode — More than 30 Levels — Free Mode — More than 30 Levels — Career Mode — Training Mode — Online Multiplayer — Immersion — VR Tricks and Effects like Depth of Field, Field of View,etc. GRAPHICS: — Real World Physics Effects on your dishes in the cooking scene. — Realistic resolution graphics in 3D. — Nearly no load on the device. — No reflections or loss of textures in the game. — Look and feel of the game resembles the real world and World Map. RELEASE DATE: — September 2017 REQUIREMENTS: OS: OS X 10.11 or later and Windows 10 64 bit or later GPU: 800 MHz or higher multi-core with 512 MB of VRAM or higher Memory: 2 GB or more High Performance ORACDROM: 1.5 GB or more HARD DRIVE: 4 GB or more AUDIO — Earphones SIZE: 47 MB Made by: Mapping Creators HOT POT VR [/]Mining, space, sea, ocean, etc… everywhere there is water no more peopleare


    What’s new in Hot Pot VR:

      Overview Have you ever dreamed of cooking your own meals in the comfort of your own home or traveling the world while tasting exotic dishes in familiar surroundings? If you answered «yes», our soup kitchen for virtual reality will probably fill you with excitement because our dishes are ready to be cooked and served on your VR headset. But we are not talking any old heating sink. Our virtual kitchen is being created specifically for chefs around the world and built to offer a first class cooking experience in a new take on entertainment. Create your own menu, choose from our menu of 24 unique dishes and cook your own any way you like. It’s like being a professional chef, transporting to your doorstep. Virtual chefs cooking! Our chefs are professionals, travel agencies, celebrities and meet-and-greets with sports figures. They are incredible cooks, and experts in the culinary world. More important than that, they care about their work. Is he serving a jumbo jerk chicken in Lagos or offering a Gioja at his home in Melbourne? As a cook, it is your job to prepare the plate fitting perfectly in the mouth of this amazing chef and for the enormous amusement of our guests. He is creating an excellent dish. He is an expert in his craft. His hands are supposed to work only on food that will later delight thousands of hungry people. There must be skill. This is boring! Everyone cooks differently. There are many chefs in the world, but not all of us chefs have the same requirements. Some are burning each other alive with their high expectations or while piping hot sausages to smokers. What other preferences do you have? Is it a boyfriend who likes hot drinks or a brother-in-law who likes banoffee? Everyone has their quirks. Some like their food finished before they get any ideas, others just like to gaze and eat, everyone has their own hidden secret. Our chefs have their own favourite recipes and preferences in what they cook. A chef is about to prepare a meal when they say “Wow! I am going to cook that dish. I want to do it the way my special friends think I should do it». — A popcorn dish for your girlfriend, — A jar of stew from the Gjoa for your family, — A Christmas carol for your brother-in-law, — A Moroccan hake for your boyfriend,


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      How To Crack:

    • Select your downloaded file or find the link for Hot Pot VR version tested
    • Run setup
    • Enjoy

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.8 or later Memory: 4 GB RAM CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz Hard Drive: 100 MB free hard disk space Graphics: Video card of 2 GB RAM, DirectX 10, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, 64 MB VRAM Additional Notes: * Mandatory pre-download is required. * This product will only be playable when using the optional VR headset. * This application requires


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