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To make a galaxy of several thousand planets, the Asylamba Influence game is a real-time strategy game with elements of the puzzle genre. The new player can jump directly into the campaign by playing as a single leader. To build an empire, one must choose a starting civilization, develop his planet and raise its population. Control additional systems by establishing various buildings and trade routes. With an evolving system and a star-based map, the Asylamba Influence game creates an atmosphere and a unique narrative for the player. The real-time development of the Asylamba Influence game and its new player can be a great puzzle. The player will have the opportunity to grow a civilization and to play as a great galactic leader. The Asylamba Influence game will immerse the player in a galactic conflict of very high stakes. The selected civilization will pave the way into the future with the use of technology and art. In order to survive, the player will have to work hard for a goal that will change the entire galaxy. Explore a galaxy of several thousand planets in the Asylamba Influence real-time strategy game: — Play as your civilization to control entire sectors of the galactic map — Build structures and communicate with other actors of the galaxy to strengthen your position and to receive gifts — Guide your planets to develop more quickly or to face extinction — Develop new technologies to shape your world in ways you have never imagined Set in the world of a living simulation, the Asylamba Influence game will immerse you in a galactic conflict of very high stakes. The Galactic High Council have chosen one civilization to become the future of the entire galaxy. The mighty Imperial Order will emerge victorious and will be the one to lead the galaxy. The Asylamba Influence game is a real-time strategy game in the puzzle genre, with elements of the sim / sandbox genre. Features: — The real-time strategy game Asylamba Influence: Step into the shoes of a leader of the Galactic High Council to acquire control of the galaxy! — A living sim game: There is a Galactic Society and many different factions and civilizations. — Prove your might in a game of galactic superpower: The game is a challenge for the player and with his exploits, he will lead his civilization forward to victory. — Play as one of the six civilizations: Your Asylamba Influence game starts with the choice of one of the six civilizations: an alien peaceful race, the


Asylamba: Influence Features Key:

  • Influence your team and your targets by stacking

    While you carry 4 Influence tokens, all your targets are highlighted in Influence asylamba game client.

    Influence you have obtained in a single round is not available at next round.

  • Influence your team and your targets by stacking

    Influence has to be stacked:

    • One target has only one influence at a time.
    • You have gained at most three influence per round.
    • You can add influence to other targets only.
    • Iters of Influence are defined separately for each round.
    • Influence is added to your targets immediately.
  • League system

    After the game starts, you can register with new influence.

    Influence is gain and lost in the lead of online games.

    Influence will be lost in the 13th or 72nd level of League.

    Influence league

    You can start two separate leagues, League 1 and League 2

    Each league uses its own Influence leaderboard

    Influence leaderboard

    Leaderboard used from Influence Leaderboard 1v1.

  • Online


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    Key Features: The galaxy is yours: Choose from 8 different races and establish your own empire on the map of the galaxy. Choose your path: Aside from the wars between you and other civilizations, political intrigue, legal disputes and diplomatic negotiations can escalate into a series of skirmishes. Choose your game: The choice of gameplay modes are your way of telling the story of the characters. Stealth and diplomacy dominate: With dozens of characters to manipulate, you can use diplomacy, intrigue or even sabotage to achieve your goals Join the ranks of the greatest: Inform your colleagues about your own resources and development and about the various missions. Your achievements will never be forgotten: Each major and minor achievement in Influence will give you a reward that will reflect upon your personal position in the race. Pamper your people: With a large number of entertainment facilities, you will have to provide a fun experience for your citizens and keep your people happy. About RTFM Corp. RTFM Corp is a French game development studio that started in September 2011 in Montbron. RTFM is actively involved in the game industry in France for the past 5 years. The company had created 3 successful gaming products: The Walking Dead Immortals, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Operation Hydra and its sequel.RTFM Corporation and its subsidiaries have been under the protection of the Finance Act since December 2015. * The recommended value can be changed during the operation of the game. Learn Python One Book at a Time — gabrielchennom ====== joshstrange I think the biggest problem with this is that it assumes you have no experience and no interest in Python but want to learn it. Honestly the best thing for most people learning to program is to start with something they are actually interested in. That way the motivation and enthusiasm is as high as it will ever be. Python is great but if you are doing stuff you have an interest in (web, mobile, whatever) you probably won’t have to force yourself to stay interested all the time. Also, learning something that is taught one book at a time can’t really go fast. If you have any experience with programming I think it is best to choose something a little challenging (low level, high level, whatever) and d41b202975


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    Elias Reinhardt : December 25, 2012 What’s new in v1.41: Added trial mode, disabled 3D. Stability fixes and other improvements. this game is the worst i have ever played on xbox 360. its very unstable, you can only play maybe 1 minute, then the game will crash. why did they make a game that only works maybe once in 3 hours! @Woe I played this on the Beta version for 2 months, during which time I got more than 10 hours of game time. No issues at all, no crashing. That said, I cannot speak for the final product as I am quite sure that the Beta version is significantly different from the final. What’s New in Version 1.41: — Updating the Game Core — Updating the Strategy Engine — Updating the Mission System — Updating the Events System — Updating the Base Graphics — Fix: Added Spawners can not get to the resources. — Fix: BPE crashes — Fix: Combat Characters loaded too quickly — Fix: Metals is not properly loaded on build — Fix: ITEMNAME_SPEAKER is null (MP builder) — Fix: Animation is broken — Fix: Fixed a case that the Animation System run faster than 300 FPS — Fix: New Mission Priority Fix The Best! Sorry to my friend.. lol. Never I dont read that comments.. well i do, but i did a mistake.. All the time I played this game, the level was fixed and its fun.. I love this game.. I played the beta so long. I dont like the new campaign mode though.. i like the 1 vs 1 mode, the last campaign is no fun at all.. New map is ok, the last one was just great. But when I play the last campaign mode, the level was always fixed, and the AI became so annoying, and useless.. 1 vs 1 mode, awesome.. I dont like the new guys.. at least they have voice chat to talk with your friend.. But AI is not good at all. the storyline mission that the AI do is not fun at all, they dont attack at all, they dont shoot, they just stand still.. Thats the worst AI. They also are very quiet.. Its not a bad idea to have them talk with each other, but they should at least attack the enemy. 2 on 2 mode is no fun


    What’s new in Asylamba: Influence:

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    How To Crack Asylamba: Influence:

    • Connect a drive to the computer
    • Copy the game files to that drive
    • Enable the game settings
    • Install the game
    • Play the game
    • Enjoy your game


    System Requirements For Asylamba: Influence:

    Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 (SP1 for P3E and P3K) or Windows Vista SP1 CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU @ 2.66 GHz or AMD Athlon(R) XP 2600+ CPU (Single Core) RAM: 1 GB HD: 7.2 GB Graphics: DirectX9 compatible video card with 256 MB of VRAM DX11 Features: Recommended: OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 CPU


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