Walnut and Birch Bowl

I turned a walnut bowl with a segmented rim. I wanted to have the dark color of the bowl mix with a light colored rim. My thought was to do a zigzag pattern, between the two woods. What I ended up doing was to make each segment contain two triangles of walnut with birch infilling. I wanted to shape the bowl itself with a rounded rim to contrast the sharpness of the segmented pattern.

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  1. Not to be critical, because your work is always amazing, but i noticed you didn't use your shield when cleaning up the bottom. Surprising, especially since you mentioned how " at this point the bowl can come flying off and shatter". Would hate to see you get slammed by that thing.

  2. Very nice work as always !! very cool video editing skills as well …  and I should probably mention, if you ever get tired of that disc sander of yours I can take it … 🙂   seriously, I don't mind at all  … 🙂 have a good one

  3. Frank your videos are really fun to watch. But what i'd like to know is what exactly do you do with those small bits of extra wood. Do you just chuck them or what? 

  4. i was told to come check your page out by youtuber mtmwood. i typically enjoy metalworking, but i love watching these crazy woodworking projects you guys do. it can definately be alot more hands on and intricate than metalworking can be. do you guys know each other?

  5. have you ever thought about drying your blanks in a microwave so you don't have to wait? ive just made some speaker tubes on a lathe which i really love, i would like to do some bowls now. any chance of a tips video?

  6. Hi Frank, appreciate all your videos and great work btw. Wondering if you could help me with something that I can't seem to find anywhere. I notice paper thin accent lines in some segmented bowls/vases, are they just really thin pieces of wood? if so, how do you cut them so consistent? Thanks

  7. This is one of my most favourite bowls you made.. It looks really thick and solid, same as the big chunk of wood its made of. And that gentle rim you topped it with just make it very elegant. Great work.

  8. Frank! I discovered your videos just this week. I really enjoy watching how you work.The art pieces you produce are wonderful! If I ever come to the states and I have time to pass by Oregon, I would to stop by and see how you work! Go on man! It's really enjoyable!

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