Moving Slabbing and Woodturning a Large Piece of Walnut.

Last Winter, my friend Ben at Zena Forest Products asked if I wanted a chunk of walnut. They had found an old walnut orchard and had a pile of stumps that consisted of a English walnut rootstock and black walnut top and he thought the grain pattern in this would be amazing. He offered me one of them to see what I could do with it. We picked one of the pieces out and put it in the truck and I brought it home. It took some puzzle solving to get it out of the truck and then get it cut up. I decided to cut off the two sides as bowl turning blanks and slab up the center. I got three coffee table sized slabs out of it. I turned the two side pieces, and the grain pattern is very interesting. Now all the parts can dry for the next year or two before I can start using the wood to make projects.

Tools used in this project can be found at​

Zena Forest Products:
Carter and Son Toolworks:

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  1. Always wondered if Calvin has a feel for what you do as far how talented you are. My uncle was (still is) a fantastic woodworker as well, however with a workspace that's I doubt your lathe could fit in, and I remember while younger hanging out with my cousins it always was "meh whatever" even as a young adult it was like "ok he can make/fix stuff, that's neat" however now in my 40s I realize the level of talent that was there and kick myself for not trying to help him as a quasi-apprentice to learn it all, as his children never did show interest either.

  2. Nice seven point turn positioning the truck to hoist out the log 😉

    I think you might have gotten a little bit lucky maneuvering the log. It looks like there were a couple moments where it could have gone very badly.

    Those will all be really neat projects when the wood is ready. It's amazing to me how much future planning and patience is part of advanced woodworking.

  3. Had never really thought about what the grain would do at a grafting joint between rootstock and the desired variety, looks really cool! My bet would be black walnut for the rootstock, and english walnut for the producing variety, as black walnuts are smaller and much stronger in flavor (tannins)

  4. Frank I love your videos. Are you using drywall screws? I ask because I used to use those too before I was told they are not safe. They can shear, metal wood screws are safer. And you will never have to dig out a screw that sheared off like I had too.

  5. I always love seeing Calvin and Claire working with you in the videos. Not just working on a project you are making for them, but working with you on something for the family or someone else. Reminds me of working with my own dad on the old house.

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