Wood Turned Maple Bowl

The rough turned maple bowl that I wanted to finish next had cracked. The crack was at an angle to vertical when the bowl was sitting normally. I cut out the section of the bowl with the crack on the band saw. Then I build a new segmented piece to take the place of the section. In this new section, I continue the idea of the chevron pattern, and add more detail. I give the chevron pattern branches by adding alternating pieces of birch and walnut wood on either side of the pattern. I also add a walnut ring at the top of the bowl so the segmented pattern has something to die into. Then I turn the whole bowl down to a finished piece.

Big thank you to Carter and Son Toolworks

Carl Jacobson’s review of Carter & Son Wood Turning Tools

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  1. When I was watching how you were clamping the irregular angles and trying to deal with the pieces sliding, I thought of those arrangements they use for someone with a badly broken leg, those metal external splints that support the healing bone. Maybe it is possible to make a similar sort of thing to hold awkward pieces in place for gluing, maybe a rigid circular ring with adjustable spikes or something that would hold the pieces exactly without the need for screws or hot glue?

  2. Wonderful piece. I agree with the other comments about Frankenstein-style stitching holding the two parts of the bowl together. That was my first thought from the video's thumbnail. Great stuff.

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