Segmented Bowl

A year ago I liberated some maple wood from a firewood stash. I turned it into several bowl roughs. Now I am finishing the first of those bowls. This bowl rough had cracked. I cut the section of the bowl with the crack out on the band saw. Then I made a new segmented section to fill in that section. The new section is made of walnut and maple from the same tree. The grain of the new piece is oriented the same way as the original bowl. The pattern in the segments of the new piece make a chevron pattern by flipping every other segment.

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  1. hallo Segmented Bowl,
    how the tools are called what they(she) on sec. 6.47 use? I want to buy with pleasure also one, however, does not know like the tools heist look quite long these tools do not point, unfortunately, like it heist.

  2. Love watching your work Frank Just got a small lathe from Rockler and having some fun turning handles for my carbide lathe tools but want to convert my old apple tree out back to some bowls! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I think the segments look good a little bit out of line if you make everything in perfect line it looks like a mass production item. Thanks for sharing another great project. Guy

  4. Is there a particular reason why most woodworkers seem to prefer screw clamps of various types rather than quick-/one hand clamps? The ones I use, out of Wolfcraft mostly, has a holding force of about 90-100 kg, I have a hard time seeing how that would not be enough?

  5. Interesting to see the shop atmosphere get cloudy during the sanding phase. I would have missed it if the video wasn't sped up and it gradually changed. I wonder how many parts per million where suspended in the air

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