Segmented Bowl

This is a commissioned bowl for a birthday present for the wife of a friend of mine. Her name is Leslie and her nickname is sometimes L$ so the thought was to abstract this into a pattern for a decorative ring of a segmented bowl. The L was easy to making into segmented wood pieces but the $ took a little more work. What I ended up with is a series of triangles forming an abstracted $. The bowl is made with walnut for the darker wood and hard maple for the lighter wood. It is made with twelve segments, and is about 14 inches in diameter.

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  1. i have a question:
    what do you think, is it possilble to make a bowl with chisels. because i do not have lathe, but i have a table saw so i can make the segments and glue them together. but possilble or nor not?

  2. Can I run the rings through a planer? I don't have a drum sander and it seems like each of my rings has at least one or two pieces that are slightly higher than the others.

  3. Every time I hear you (Frank) say the phrase 'turned out' I laugh a little because that's exactly what it did- it turned. Recent subscriber, interested in woodwork and videography, absolutely stunned

  4. These videos so much fun to watch. I get a sense that frank is a hard working guy. I feel like these videos are actually funny. Like a comedic tone to them. It's like a movie, it's so entertaining. Brilliant work, beautiful shop, great camera angles, pacing, voice work. Those stop motion segments! MAN! These are quality videos.

  5. If I understand this correctly, The feature ring is now exposing end grain. I am trying this and my gouge is just throwing dust. Is that normal? I love segmented rings because of the littl twists do wood that come off. I almost need to move my lathe outside to finish this bowl. Thoughts?

  6. for some reason I can imagine people making shuttles, airplanes, and so many other technologies but for some reason these kind of arts make me think to my self that wether humans are capable of making such beautiful pieces

  7. This is so good on so many levels! I love the stuff that you make, I'm completely in love with your shop and your tools selection (I live in a one room apartment, I can't even have a table saw). I love your taking us through your process and the way you film it, I love your editing and last but not least, I love your voice too 😀 I really, really hope you get some monetizing from us viewing these videos, since that's the very least we can do as thanks!
    Also, that Death Star looks so lonely without its' Super Star Destroyer friend, don't you think? =)

    By the way, those big red clamps that you use, never seen such ones over here in Scandinavia, what are they (maker and model)?

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