Maple Bowl Blanks

This is a video of the simple process of going from a log to a wood turned bowl rough. I saved some maple logs from the landfill and was excited about doing some green wood turning. I cut the logs in half with my chainsaw (Husqvarna 2100c). Then I cut them into a cylinder on the band saw. Next, I rounded and squared up the blank on the lathe. I used my scroll chuck as a tenon inside a mortise to hold the piece on the lathe. I hollowed out the bowl and painted it with endsealer wax emulsion paint. Now they will dry for a year or so, and then I can finish them.

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  1. It was leaving a lot of saw dust on the cut surface. it's 3 to 4 tpi so I think it just needs sharpening. I did get my 1 inch blade back from the sharpeners after this, it's about 2 tpi and it cuts great.

  2. It doesn't compost very well, I have some on the surface of the garden soil to protect it from the sun. Most of it I send off the the cites composting center. The really big well aerated stuff I can use to get the bbq going.

  3. Yes, and that's a good thing. With a large chunk of wood, the surface (particularly the end grain) will dry so much faster than the interior that the piece will crack. Wax will help slow things down so the piece can dry evenly.

  4. It would be nice to have a coring system, but I would not want to always do that as you get the same shape over and over. I guess one could make the sides think and get more latitude in the final shape.

  5. The "wax paint" you used at the end of the video, what is it actually called? I've searched on line and have not come up with anything? Is it a specialty item you can only get at a wood working store or do the big box stores carry it?

  6. The gentleman below asked about sealing wax. Bailey's sells a product designed for treating the endgrain on logs destined for chain-saw milling.

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